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Decorating balconies garden-I do not want you to tell me your balcony is too small. Yes you can. If you have a balcony or a terrace you have a treasure. And you have to dress it well. Here we give you some ideas.

Your terrace or balcony can be small. You may have already given up on enjoying them. But no. Do not give up. You can do wonders in a few meters. you just need some ideas to inspire you. And here are some ideas for decorating balconies garden and terraces. Get inspired!

An intimate little room outdoors

the balconies garden

We start with the simple and effective solutions: place a blanket, shawl, cloth … (or a pair of Indonesian batiks, to give it an exotic look) attached to the top of the railing of your balcony. Or terrace. You see that here they have fastened it with clothespins. Which can be used to hang photographs or illustrations.

On the floor, install wooden boards: the space you have already created. Now, use your imagination to decorate it with whatever you want: cushions, wicker …

Green I want you green

That you never miss the green on your balcony or terrace. Because it gives freshness, rests the view. It’s life in your window, the kids love to take care of the plants and water them …

The plants, however small, are essential in any exterior space: elongated. Or square, luminous or not so much. We know that the possibilities are thousands . But here we propose a couple of original and beautiful ideas to surround yourself with chlorophyll. Because they fit in any place even if it is minuscule like these flowerpots that in their previous life were bottles of wine.

Spectacular and recycled soil

You already know that we like to recycle, that’s why this proposal has enchanted us. In addition to reusing, the result is very eye-catching.

With remains of a series of hydraulic tiles (there are numerous advertisements on the internet) consider paving your small terrace or balcony, and even part of its wall. The change jumps to the view and, later, the maintenance is as easy and economic.

Carpets … outdoor

We continue on the floor of your balcony or mini-terrace. Because there is another possibility also sustainable and spectacular. They are outdoor carpets. Most of them are made of PET (polyethylene teetotaler. A type of plastic that is obtained with the recycling of bottles). So they can get wet and be used to sleep outdoors.

The change that the anodyne (and even ugly) floor of an exterior space can experience by placing a carpet on it is formidable.

New life for forgotten furniture

As you know, a single piece of furniture can totally change the air you give to a space. Have you looked around. Or in the storage room, in case you can give a second life to small furniture already forgotten? We refer to repainting, for example, a metal table like this. Which fits on the smallest of the balconies garden.

A small intervention like this and you return the life to your little balcony. Who does not want to have the first coffee of the day on this renewed table?

Vertical balconies garden ideas

These are vertical structures on which you can place any type of plant, whether floral or edible.

A before implement these ideas, you should consider tips that will help.

The permanence. This is an important factor to consider if you rent your home or if you spend a lot of time in it. You should also consider it if your garden receives a limited amount of sunlight. And if there are not too many pollution rates.

The shadow. Design your garden taking into account that. As the plants will grow upwards, they can block the sun from those below. You should place those plants that grow best in the shade at the bottom of the vertical structure.

Choose your plants well. Choose the species you will plant taking into account the care they will require. For example, if you choose a variety that needs to be pruned, make sure that access is simple. The most advisable thing is to choose plants that reach a height that you like and that do not require excessive work on your part, or plants that are too fragile or that bear fruits of considerable size.

Location, height and resistance. Make sure to mount your vertical garden in a place that does not hinder the passage. It is also important that you consider the resistance of the materials with which you will assemble the structure (wood is the most recommended). These should be strong enough to support the weight of the pots.

Irrigation. Depending on the location of your vertical garden, when exposed to more sunlight and wind, plants may need to be watered more frequently. In case you have trouble, use a ladder or you can opt for a pulley system. Do not forget to continuously use fertilizers to help them stay in good living conditions.

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