Summer comes and with it, the possibility of enjoying the best moments in family or alone in your garden. Both night and day, to spend a long time in that space that you have decorated and cultivated to be your little Eden; It is something that must be done with style, comfort and efficiency. For that reason, it is important to know how to choose both the chairs and the garden tables that will decorate that space.

And this is where the Visiting Homes team comes in to help you, since we love the landscaping and above all the decoration of both interiors and exteriors; we have in mind the models of tables that are best adapted to the different needs of people. Either because of the space available or because of the number of family members.

The circular wrought iron table

If your home is not composed of a large family and you enjoy more the moments of silence and solitude to think, read or simply rest; So what you need in your garden is a wrought iron table with space for an umbrella and four chairs.

Either in white or in natural color of wrought iron; both alternatives will be perfect for landscaping. But nevertheless; Do not forget that you will need that umbrella in such a case that you do not have a natural roof of vegetation. During summer evenings, the sun really heats the seats and the table itself; Regardless of the cushions you will feel the heat, although you can mitigate some of this discomfort by using a glass top on the table.

Wearable plastic table

When you have little space to have a table at all times in the center or on the side in the garden; the option of a foldable or armable plastic table is always valid.

Thanks to that it is not constantly under the inclemencies of the climate and the longevity of the plastic as such; these tables are a great economic and practical option. Unfortunately you will be sacrificing a bit of aesthetics, but do not be fooled; It’s literally a bit of aesthetics , not something overly serious.

The typical rustic table downtown

Many times, the coffee table is not the protagonist as such; but the rest of the furniture. Large furniture with large backs designed to be both comfortable and beautiful. In this situation, what is the point of having a high table similar to the dining table? Well, the truth is that it does not.

If you want the protagonists of your garden to be large wicker furniture or a modular pallet sofa; then complete the decoration with a coffee table that matches the geometry of the armchairs. The glass or wooden top should also be considered according to the general appearance of the scene.

Of course, do not miss this opportunity to use the table as a place to store things, from beers to magazines; maybe you can do a small installation and place plugs for cell phone chargers.

Modular picnic table

We could not stop mentioning the modular solution par excellence for the garden tables. With the beautiful classic look of an old picnic table, but with the modular and practical technology of a plastic one. The modular picnic table can be either a bench with backrest or a classic table for four.

If you have little space in your garden and you love the classic and practical; then this option is what you should look for without hesitation.

A rotating center round table

A big shortcoming of the long garden tables is that it can become uncomfortable to eat when you want to reach the salt or those little tarts that you like so much. But they seem to be necessary when you have a family of five people. However, what if there is not enough space in the garden?

Thinking of all those buts, cons; we present you this highly functional alternative, beautiful and that occupies very little space. A round table with a rotating disc that allows you to rotate 360 ​​degrees everything you have put.

Stone table

Although the plastic takes a long time to decompose, so it enters among the most long-lived materials. When it comes to an outdoor table, this choice of material tends to deform with the passage of time if you are in a very hot area.

In addition, its stability makes it vulnerable to strong winds and chairs may never feel completely stable. Therefore, if what you need is something really firm and that goes with the source; then forget all the garden tables that we have named so far, the alternative you should choose is a stone table.

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