Ideas for designing and building a modern garden

A modern garden is a green space characterized essentially by a surface, often of controlled dimensions, with colors and furnishings ready to give the home a particular extension, in which forms, nature, and light converge. Designing a garden with a modern design, therefore, requires a certain effort to give character by inserting elements, without creating chaos.

-Designing a Modern Garden

-Elements to consider in a modern garden

-Garden with a modern design

-Materials for use in a garden

-Colors to choose for a modern garden

Designing  a GardenIdeas for designing and building a modern garden

The first step in designing a garden is to divide and choose the destination of the spaces, in sitting areas, play area for children, swimming pool, relaxation area, kitchen area and so on.

Choices the target areas are passed to project real outer space is to be achieved following the dwelling style of architecture and shapes.

In rare cases, a contrast can be created between exteriors and interiors, creating a transition zone between styles by exploiting the external walls and the space in front. Generally, however, it is best to maintain a modern continuum between exterior and interior.

Elements to consider Garden

-Several elements that should not be missing in a modern garden will be considered in the project :

-arrangement of green areas and pedestrian paths;

-arrangement and type of furnishings;

-choice of tall trees, hedges, and flowers;

-arrangement of the delimiting elements (walls, hedges, fences);

-arrangement of an outdoor kitchen;

-irrigation systems;

-provision of a swimming pool, fountain, outdoor shower;

-lighting system.

Garden with a modern designIdeas for designing and building a modern garden

The garden at this point will take shape and will be marked by a primitive formalism and a geometrical arrangement of the elements specially designed to confer rigor and discipline to the entire space.

At this point, you will have chosen furniture elements with clean lines, such as linear lamps, modular vases, sundecks, and concise tables.

Materials for use in a garden

The materials  used for the furnishings will be mainly:


-stainless steel,

-the iron,

-the wood,



Colors to choose for a gardenIdeas for designing and building a modern garden

The most suitable color shades are whites, greens, and browns and except for a few design elements, no other shades will be present in an important way like the main colors, so as to contribute to the purity and sharpness of the space.

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