Indoor Gardening

Indoor gardening not only provides great exercise, but it can also improve your health and mood all around. Why? Well, for starters, studies show that having flowers and greenery around can help reduce blood pressure and anxiety levels — not to mention all those plants give off a ton of fresh, clean oxygen! That’s right; they’re nature’s best air purifiers! So, if you or a loved one is interested in taking up gardening as a hobby, we’ll show you exactly where to start.

The Easiest Gardening Ideas

Gardening Ideas


Choose a terrarium. This neat piece functions as both a healthy hobby as well as a stable decor item for any space. Plus, they’re super easy to upkeep. You can purchase terrariums remade, but if you’re up for the challenge of creating your own, Real Simple can show you how.

  • Select some succulents. These are the perfect indoor plant for a few reasons. For one, they can thrive in nearly any environment, but more importantly, they don’t require as much TLC as some other plants. Just water your succulents every once in a while, give them some sun here and there, and you’re good to go!
  • Turn a table into a garden. With help from a family member or friend, make a few simple modifications to an old end- or coffee table and, voila! You’ve got yourself real, living furniture. We especially love this living table featured on Inhabitant.
  • Hang your greenery. Who says a garden has to grow from the ground? Defy the laws of gravity with a cute hanging garden. This is a particularly good idea for those that live in assisted living communities because it allows you to utilize wall space without taking up floor space.
  • Paint a few pots. Perhaps you’ve already got a green thumb going, but are looking to spruce them up a bit more. All you need is a little acrylic paint, a terracotta pot, and some imagination. You can even get the whole family involved for a family paint party at the Arbors!
  • No matter which way you choose to do it, gardening indoors is a great way to help you or your elderly loved one live a happy, healthy life.
  • The Arbors Assisted Living is a community that works with support and compassion for the elderly. We provide a variety of activities that constitute a good, healthy lifestyle. Contact us today to learn more.


Indoor Gardening Ideas

Whether you are new to gardening or you are a veteran gardener, you’ll need some kind of gardening guide to create your own garden landscape design. While gardening is mostly fun and a great way to spend time outdoors, it can also be very challenging. It’s actually a complex science requiring careful planning and implementation. This is because many plants might require delicate conditions in order to grow and thrive.

These gardening tips for beginners are easy and affordable, and will help you get the best results:

Use Leftover Vegetable Boiled Water As Natural Fertilizer

Vegetable Cooking Water As Natural Fertilizer

The next time you boil or steam vegetables, don’t pour the water down the drain, use it to water your potted plants, and you’ll be amazed at how the plants respond to this “vegetable soup.”

Acidify Your Soil with Tea And Coffee

Use leftover tea and coffee grounds to acidify the soil of acid-loving plants such as beans, potatoes, carrots, apples and even strawberries. A light sprinkling of this ground applied once a month will keep the pH of the soil on the acidic side.

Clean Salt Deposits On Clay Pots With Vinegar & Alcohol

To remove the salt deposits that form on clay pots, combine equal parts of white vinegar, rubbing alcohol and water in a spray bottle. Apply the mixture to the pot and scrub with a plastic brush. Let the pot dry before you plant anything in it.

Improve Garden Landscape With Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets are a great way to improve garden landscape and boost the overall beauty. Another use of hanging baskets is that you can grow more plants in a fixed space.

Grind Egg Shells For Calcium Boost

Sprinkle grinned eggshells in your garden soil to give the soil a calcium boost. Grinding the eggshells makes it easier for the soil to absorb calcium.

Keep Away Stray Animals From Garden using Plastic Forks

To keep small animals and pets out of your garden, strategically place plastic forks in the soil. Now you don’t have to worry about stray cats and dogs trampling all over your hard work.

Easy Indoor Gardening Ideas

Plant Rose Trimmings In A Potato For Healthier Growth

You can grow your own beautiful roses just from the trimmings of a rose bush. Put the bottom end of the trimmings into small potatoes and plant them in the garden. Potatoes help the plants retain moisture thereby ensuring healthier growth.

Grow Seedlings In Citrus Peel For Extra Nourishment

A gardening tip for beginners is to start your seedlings in a citrus peel. Citrus peels help in the nourishment, so you can just plant  the whole thing in the soil once your seedling is ready.

Make A Mini Greenhouse With Plastic Container

Making a mini greenhouse with a recycled plastic container. Invert the plastic container over your growing seedling. This can be a fun project for kids too.

Healthy Growth Of Herbs By Pinching Stems Pinching Herbs For Healthy Growth

Pinch the upper portions of stems particularly for herbs like basil and mint to ensure healthy leaf growth. Pinching the stems causes the plant to send a signal to dormant leaf buds to grow.

Vegetable Garden Ideas Vegetable Garden Ideas For Small Yards

Easy Indoor Gardening Ideas

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Indoor Gardening Ideas to Grow Food Inside

best Indoor Gardening Ideas

Even if you have a large garden outside during the summer, indoor gardening gives you fresh greens or herbs inside during the off-season winter months. Indoor gardening has some major bonuses too!

Then added a mini greenhouse to start seeds in the springtime with some indoor grow lights (we use the sun blaster ones) which as a nice step up for indoor gardening. If you want to grow super easy and basics growing micro greens are a great start for beginners too.

Indoor Gardening: Ideas to Grow Food inside Indoor gardening benefits

  • You get to look at pretty greenery and live plants
  • You have access to healthy fresh food
  • No bugs or dealing with weather problems like drought or too much rain
  • It’s super fast and easy to harvest during cooking or food prep
  • If you have kids it’s a great way to teach them to garden
  • If you’re a beginner indoor gardening is a great way to learn the basics of plant care
  • They make your house look awesome

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