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The color of your garden will announce the mood of your environment. It reflects the inner person, whether you are vibrant and inspired, traditional and relaxed, focused or scattered – intelligent, quiet, spiritual, calm, passionate or even boring.

A theme of colors


Colors can be complementary and in harmony, contrasted or conflicting. Choosing the colors of your garden , can be one of the most important in the design . Do not be discouraged. The plants are tolerant. You can re-arrange the colors to create harmony, and provide contrast, and when there is conflict, solve it by adding or removing a color. • Solid colors give a more dramatic aspect to a larger garden. The dominance of the color red, for example, does not invite relaxation. This color is too strong. A complementary color can extinguish the fire of the red colors . White or silver blends well with this vibrant color.

A completely white garden is boring, and the energy it generates is stale. Some may come to feel that it is relaxing, clean and fresh. At night, under a bright light , white can be attractive. It stands out from the other colors in a soft light. It lends itself more to a more meditative mood.

To light it more, add different shades of green or other bright colors. White and silver plants can provide a beautiful contrast mixed with any color.

Yellow is a cheerful color, and is associated more than anything with spring and late summer. A pale yellow color does not look good with white. This combination extinguishes the energies with their boredom.

The different forms of green foliage give the garden a sense of tranquility. Adding pots of colorful plants can enhance the beauty of the atmosphere . This is a nutritious color. To get that warm and cozy feeling, orange is the indicated color. It is a rich and happy color. Attached to a green background, the orange gives a warm glow. Violet is an attractive color. Calls him to rest and relax. To project a sense of calm, mix the violet color with white, pink or blue colors.

Do you need a moment of tranquility, peace and silence? Blue offers a sedative effect when mixed with white , silver or light pink flowers. Planted around edges and tips, mixed with different colors, can be very attractive. In any case, blue itself generates a feeling of melancholy.

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