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If you want to decorate and change your outdoor areas, but you’re a little lost, take a look at the number of different garden styles! This is the first thing we must decide, to begin to change and decorate the environment.

Styles of French gardens

The elegance of the French style, in your garden, will stand out a lot. This type of decoration never breaks the visual axis, nor the symmetry of any of the elements we include in it. A French garden needs order, and nothing will be placed at random.

French gardens usually involve a high level of maintenance, so this must be taken into account. If you are a busy person you may not be interested.

Some of the important characteristics of this type of gardens are: a terrace with views of the garden; the main house will be the focal point of the decoration; we must include parterres; put architectural elements such as waterfalls, fountains, sculptures …

Modern garden

This is a garden style that we will see a lot today. In the we will see a beautiful mix of bright colors and really striking. These are the touches that most define this style. Another of the main characteristics is the diversity of elements that we can use for the elaboration of this type of gardens.

There are many elements that can be used in the creation of these gardens. For example we can use shrubs, plants such as vines, trees, vegetation …

Garden styles: tropical garden

The protagonists of these gardens are plants with very large leaves, climbers or palms, among many others. If you like this style of garden you should bear in mind that the protagonists should be tropical and exotic species with a lot of vegetation. If your garden does not have a climate, a temperature and an optimum humidity, for this type of plants, you will have to use a greenhouse. Otherwise we must recreate the environment taking advantage of the differences in levels to create environmental humidity with pond constructions or waterfalls.

This type of garden, if you have the desired climate, does not require much maintenance. The cares will be minimal because they only have to prune the species when they become impenetrable or bother in some way. If not, we will only let them grow naturally. Do you want to know some of the known carnivorous plants ?

English garden

This type of garden is characterized by the order that radiates, the balance and the perfection of it. A few flowers, plants and lawn fully cared for. But unlike the French gardens, the English do not modify nature. In this case, certain weeds or irregular shrubs are allowed, because the freedom of growth must be respected.

The irregularity is something to highlight in these gardens, perfectly natural. The paths, the bushes grown, some weeds, the accidents of the land … all cause some fantastic designs. What do you think of this type of garden? Would you like to have it at home?

Garden styles: Japanese garden

The Japanese-style garden is characterized, above all, by being closed … as if it were isolated from the world and the environment that surrounds it. Within “his” world is created another totally different and full of serenity and tranquility. A material that we will see a lot, within this type of gardens, are the bamboo sheets and hurdles or hedges.

Garden styles: Feng Shui

From Chinese origin this style of decoration is a study of the energies transmitted between the home (interior), nature (exterior) and man. It is about reduced, relaxing, balanced spaces with circular or wave shapes.

Feng Shui seeks, first of all, to create a garden that is part of nature and that is in harmony with it.  Although feng shui has become popular in relation to interior design, the environment surrounding the house is decisive for the type of energy it handles.

The sectors of the Feng Shui garden

Northern sector: This address corresponds to the Water element and means that we must have a pond or a water source. However, for the final decision on the position of the water we should consult a good feng shui decoration guide .

Northeastern sector: This direction corresponds to the Earth element, so it is beneficial to place a stone rockery or garden in this part .

Sector east: It symbolizes the largest wood, it is a good sector for ornamental and fruit trees, bamboo or similar canes and flowers .

Southeast Sector: Represents the small wood, the sector is appropriate for small plants and flower beds or pots with flowers .

Southern sector: It is the sector of the Fire element, it can be harmonized with lights, red or sculptures that represent birds .

Southwest sector: Like the northeast, corresponds to the element Earth. Here are also ideal embellishments of stones or pebbles, depending on the size of the garden.

West sector: The West is the direction of Small Metal. So we will look for some metal like small bells, which are great to harmonize this sector.

Northwest sector: It is the sector of the Major Metal. It would be optimal to have here a metal or stone sculpture. In a small garden, bells or metal chimes can be placed.

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