Also called Chinese parsley or cilantro , the coriandrum sativum, as an annual habit plant, occurs well in temperate or mountain climates and in tropical areas, being easy to grow, to obtain its benefits directly and always have it on hand that we need. In this way, knowing how we can plant cilantro at home is an advantage from the culinary and also the medicinal point of view.

We can plant cilantro both in gardens and in pots , depending on the space available in our home and always taking into account that this plant supports some cold but not frozen weather , enjoying constant exposure to sunlight and should be located on land or wet lands , but never flooded.

Learn how to plant coriander in a homemade pot.

If we are interested in its cultivation, it is better to put it into practice in a simple way, starting the planting in a pot   and then moving on to sow cilantro in open spaces.

You will need a pot of at least 25 centimeters deep and around 40 wide, since it should allow the complete growth of the plant that reaches about 60 centimeters in height . It is important to bear in mind that the container must have clay , loamy or sandy soil , accompanied by some fertilizer  and in addition to having a rapid drainage.

The soil is watered so that it is a little humid , but not swampy, and the seeds are spread evenly , to proceed to place the pot in a place where it receives sun.

Following these simple steps to plant cilantro in a pot,  we will make sure that the seeds will germinate after 10 days. In the future, it will only be necessary to water the plant always keeping the soil moist.

Know the technique to plant cilantro in patios and open spaces.

The cilantro can be planted by two methods: transplanting a seedling or seeds . It is best to start at the beginning of spring , always remembering that the space enjoys plenty of sunlight.

If you decide to do it through seedlings placed directly on the ground , we advise you to add a natural fertilizer  and water them after the transplant.

If you opt for the seed procedure , it is necessary to consider that the land to be used must be quite loose and with good drainage to avoid small wells. For the work of sowing the cilantro, it is advisable to open shallow holes where the grains will be spread, covering them with a layer of soil no more than one centimeter deep.

After two weeks of sowing coriander , the seeds will be in germination process , and you will only have to apply the basic care techniques, adding fertilizers and applying pesticides in case of pests, but always giving a constant watering without excess water that could damage the crop .

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