design a rockery garden

Do you want to do something nice for your outdoor areas? Designing a rockery is an interesting job to decorate gardens, patios and even terraces. There are many ways to make one depending on the space with which you count. You yourself can choose materials, vegetation, stones, design, etc, Then, I leave a quick tutorial on how to create a mini rockery for the garden.

How to design a rockery garden with plants of small size.

This type of rockery can be placed both in the garden and on the terrace, on a balcony or even on an outdoor table. The truth is that with a little imagination you can achieve a truly original and ornamental design.

The idea of ​​a rockery is to use the slopes or slopes that are in the garden to make it. But this time what we are going to use is a stone container (or simulating it) to make it smaller. we need to know to design a rockery garden.

A rockery can be very interesting according to the set of plants and rocks that you take advantage of. A perfect one is formed by a slope not very pronounced. This ornament for the garden is usually rustic style with plants of Alpine origin and resistant to winter and drought. Having said all this, we go ahead with the necessary materials to make this beautiful outdoor project. You will not regret!

Materials to design a rockery garden

  • The container that imitates the stone or that is real stone
  • Gravel
  • Substrate for plants and special for cactus
  • Various plants: evergreens and echeverias of different varieties.

Step by step to make a small pebble

We will need a container that can be made of stone or simulating it. Inside, there must be a space to fit the varieties of plants chosen, the gravel and the special substrate. In addition, we must ensure that this container has good drainage and if not we do it. Let’s go there!

Inside the chosen container (it can also be a grouping of rocks) we must place small stones inside it. Next, we add a special substrate for cactus due to the type of plant that I have commented on the materials. Cacti are great for making rockets. What do you think of this plant?

design a rockery garden

In this tutorial, the plants used to make mini rockeries are the echeverias (different varieties) and the evergreens. These plants are resistant to the cold and remain beautiful well organized. In the market, there are many types of plants suitable for this type of work. So if you do not like these plants or prefer others you can easily replace them. Below I leave some of the best plants to make our own rockery. we need to know to design a rockery garden.

The next step is to place the plants and, in this case, we will place the evergreens in the corners of the pebbles. These plants grow and cover part of the surface. The truth is that they are great to decorate because their small stems come out and spread throughout the surface like a cloak. They look beautiful! Would you substitute this plant for another?

We must place the plants between the gravel and the natural (or artificial) stones that will serve as an ornament. The echeverias can be placed as you want; these plants with fleshy leaves and gray-green tones will give a special look to the rockery. What do you think of these plants? Why would you replace it?

The largest rockeries are made in a similar way only that they have more spaces to add ornaments such as caves, accesses or even fountains. But this occurs in large spaces where we can take advantage of the natural slopes of detached rocks and land mentioned above. Do you decide on a small or large rockery?

Why is a rockery characterized?

The rockery usually has a well-drained terrain and is characterized because it is surrounded by slopes, gravel and small and large stones surrounding it. But, as we have seen, you can also do one of the small dimensions, for smaller spaces. Do you want to make one with your own hands? Remember to look for plants or varieties suitable for this type of work. we need to know to design a rockery garden.

Ideal plants to design a rockery garden

The most suitable plants are Antennaria dioica,  some dwarf narcissus species, varieties of thyme, small bells, species of carnation and many bulbous plants. Of the Fuchsias, some of the species that resist the hardness of winter will be the most appropriate. Which plant do you prefer? How is the climate of your garden? Does frost occur in winter?

How to build a cold-resistant rockery with evergreens on rocks?

I leave another tutorial that I have seen on the channel “Casana jardineros” to make a bigger rockery. On this occasion, the design is wavy and covers a piece of garden that was a bit bland. The new rockery is quite aesthetic and gives a touch to the landscape more than great. Take a look at the video and follow the steps!

The evergreens have also been used in this tutorial because they are great plants for it. These plants have been placed on some rocks giving it a beautiful appearance. In addition, other species haunt the place to withstand the cold of winter. We need beautiful and resistant plants!

Designing a rockery is not so complicated and is an increasingly common way to decorate outdoor areas. In the market, there is a large number of plants ideal to be cultivated in these peculiar gardens. Within the apt plants, you can grow aromatic plants for culinary use. What do you think about the idea of ​​making a rockery full of aromas and colors?

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