In this post, I’ll be going over some very basic things you need to know when using your chainsaw. More precisely, 4 basic things.

So let’s get straight into it!

Start from the ground

Experienced users can start a chainsaw by placing the chainsaw between their thighs. Some can even jump-start their chainsaw which is slightly dropping your chainsaw whilst starting it at the same time. This, of course, is incredibly dangerous and should never be done, no matter your experience level. Instead, start the chainsaw from the ground. Put your foot in the handle and pull the cord. That’s the safest way to do it. More on this, here.

Forget the file

A lot of people will sharpen their chain with a file. The problem with this is, most people get it wrong. Even experienced users get this wrong. What happens when you use a file to sharpen your chain is it becomes uneven. Some of the teeth are sharper than others and some teeth vary in size. Save yourself a bunch of time by just getting a Stihl chainsaw sharpener.

Please stop wearing shorts

It pains me to admit but a lot of my fellow Americans are looking to injure themselves. Or at least that’s what it looks like from my perspective. A lot of them are wearing shorts when using a chainsaw, heck, some even wear sandals. Please don’t be one of these people and do the right thing. Wear the correct gear. Wear some chainsaw chaps, safety boots, and eye protection.

Keep it clean

Many people neglect to look after their chainsaws. After they’ve done using it, they just throw it in the workshop. Sure, you can do this but you should clean it at least once a month. The most basic and arguably effective thing you can do in my opinion is to open the side part and clear it of any debris.

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