Do you want to delimit your terrace or patio from the rest of the home? Learning how to put a metal fence in the garden can become the most effective and cheapest option. In fact, fencing the land with a simple twist metal fence may be the most useful and traditional choice.

This type of mesh or metal panels will serve to hide and protect your garden, as well as separate environments in your outdoor spaces. In addition, these fences for the garden are often used as a base to place hurdles, heather, or hedges with which to decorate your balcony or outdoor space without losing an iota of privacy.


  1. Flatten the ground. Use the posts to prepare and guide the terrain to be fenced. Whether on a flat or sloped surface, remember to position the posts vertically.
  2. Drill the holes. Help yourself with a shovel or gasoline auger to make the holes. Dig the holes about 30 centimeters deep, separated between them by 2.5 meters.
  3. Set up the posts. Put the end posts and corner posts first. Next, locate the rebar and intermediate bars. In either case, fix a guide rope at the tensioner site in order to get all the posts in proper alignment.
  4. Apply the cement. Once all the posts have been placed and centered, it is time to pour the cement and let it dry for the indicated time.
  5. Install the wire mesh. Starting at one end, unroll the roll little by little, hooking (with a staple or wire) and tensioning the material to the post.


If you don’t want to spend a lot of time and money putting up a metal garden fence, skip rigid brick or sheet metal enclosures. Opt for the placement of metal fences; a material that allows you to delimit the terrain, without disregarding the views you may have of the environment.

However, if what you want is to protect 100% of your privacy within the home garden, do not worry! It is always possible to add a screening mesh over the fence and completely cover the wall that separates you from your neighbors.

Wire mesh is typically installed on a cement base or on concrete blocks. No matter which system is chosen, the mounting principles are the same. The metal mesh is also presented under different types: welded or woven, small or large meshes, simple twist, galvanized or plasticized; whatever the model, the installation is similar.


Next, we answer some of the questions or doubts you have about how to put wire mesh in your garden, terrace, or balcony at home:

What type of wire is best for fencing a garden?

The truth is that there is a wide range of garden fences: metal mesh, wood, reeds or heather among others. If at the end of this article you decide to place metal fences or some other type of fences to surround your outdoor space, do not forget to consult our post on how to choose the best fencing for the garden.

How much can a square meter of fence cost me?

It all depends on the type of fencing you choose. For example, the square meter of the wooden fence does not cost the same as the electro-welded or simple torsion mesh. Approximately, the square meter of the simple twist mesh costs about 15 euros.

How to fix a rusty metal fence?

If what you need is to restore a rusted metal fence, we recommend that you follow the following steps. First, polish the surface with the help of fine sandpaper. Next, clean and remove any rust, dust, or grease from the gate. Finally, apply a coat of antioxidant nail polish and let it dry.

What DIY tools should I use?

To carry out this task you must take into account some of the basic work tools, in addition to certain materials commonly used to work the land. In any case, don’t forget to have the materials that we list at the beginning of the post on hand, those are going to be essential!

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