How to get gum out of carpet

Wax on the carpet? Gum on the carpet? We show how to get gum out of the carpet. You only need to have an iron, kitchen paper and ice on hand. When removing stains from carpets or rugs, the most important thing is to act quickly because it will greatly favor their removal. If this is not possible, we bring you two very effective tricks to clean stains.

How to get gum out of carpet?

How to get gum out of carpet

Candle wax stains on a carpet or any synthetic upholstery are easy to fix. Remove as much wax as you can with a spatula, scraper or knife and then heat the iron to low power.

Vacuum or collect all the wax residue that you have removed. Then, place a napkin or kitchen paper on the wax on the carpet and run the hot iron.

Hold the iron on the stain and make circular motions. The heat from the iron will make the wax stick to the paper. Repeat the operation several times until the wax stain disappears completely.

Tip: if you see traces of color, you can take a wet wipe soaked in alcohol and rub it on the stain. Then, with another damp cloth or cloth, remove any remaining alcohol.

If the stain on your carpet is gum, put a few ice cubes in a bag. Put the ice pack on the gum so it hardens. After a few minutes, remove the bag and remove the remains of gum from the carpet with the help of a spatula. If there are remains, rub it with a brush.

Ice to clean gum from the carpet

One of the easiest and fastest ways to clean gum from the carpet is using ice. To do this, we have to rub the gum with a plastic bag filled with small pieces of ice. This way, the ice will harden the gum and it will be easier to remove.

Once the gum has completely hardened, we will remove it with a spatula or a blunt knife. We have to remove the gum as quickly as possible to prevent the heat from softening it again and the stain from spreading. We can repeat this procedure several times until the stain is completely removed.

Hair dryer to clean gum

Although it seems like a very risky remedy, using a hairdryer to clean gum from the carpet can be a very effective solution, we have to learn how to do it. To clean the gum from the carpet with a hairdryer, the first thing we will do is put it at a medium temperature and bring it closer to the gum. In this way, we can heat the gum without risking burning the carpet or melting the gum too much.

After the gum has softened enough, we will take a bag or rubber gloves and put it on our hands and then carefully take the gum and pull it without risking spreading the stain. That way, we will have finished cleaning the gum stains from the carpet.

Believe it or not, some products like BenGay, WD-40 and wood cleaning soaps can help us clean up the gum residue left on the carpet after cleaning larger stains. To remove gum residue, we only have to choose one of these products, then apply it to the stain’s remains and massage it gently with your fingers.

We can remove the product that we use to clean with a clean cloth or wait for it to dry and then scrape it off. Once we finish cleaning the gum stains, we can remove the residue from the product we use by washing the area with a bit of water and mild soap.

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