Ideas to decorate a balcony creatively

There are corners in our house full of potential to become our new favorite space in our houses to read, have a glass of wine, sunbathe or just go out to give us a little air to clear ourselves. If you have a balcony, no matter how big it is, there are a thousand ways to transform it into a cozy place.

Ideas to decorate your balcony regardless of size

A TABLE AND CHAIRSIdeas to decorate a balcony creatively

There are much more creative and comfortable chairs, you can from placing some tables with cushions, putting together a kind of picnic, putting a mini chair, or buying these hanging chairs to have space just for you. Be creative, you can improvise tires like tables, even a bean bag. Add a lot of cushions that always give another touch!

PLANTSIdeas to decorate a balcony creatively

It sounds like a cliche but plants are lives, no matter space, buy pots or hooks where you can hang plants from the ceiling, wall, and railing. This way they will not take up space on the floor and will give your balcony a lot of life. In addition, plants are oxygen, the green color has a relaxing effect on your brain and you have a bit of nature near you. You can recycle huacales, bottles of wine, photos, in short, everything can work.

FLOORIdeas to decorate a balcony creatively

Ideally, you could change the floor, but the truth is that sometimes with a simple carpet or even synthetic grass you completely change the energy and the view. You can even place stones around it, or give it a vintage style with wood.


It is good that you want to take the air but sometimes we do not take advantage of these spaces because we do not want people to see us while passing. So with bamboos, plants, boards, or hanging lights, make a barrier so they can’t see you and have a little more privacy.

LIGHTSIdeas to decorate a balcony creatively

Another cliche, but it gives a romantic and cozy touch to be with friends, as a couple or enjoy your company, a book and a glass of wine.


If you are one of the happy ones who have space, a hammock changes your day, helps you disconnect, relax, and forget everything.


You can always leave your essence, whether it be to give it an intention, be it minimalist, make it look like a jungle, give it a Mayan, Japanese touch, in short, you can take advantage of recycling and reusing many things to decorate it without spending so much, and why not? add up to a minibar.

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