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In our homes, we usually hang one or more mirrors on the walls. There are rooms such as the bathroom, where the positioning of a wall mirror is now a standard, while in other areas of the house the presence of mirrors is not so obvious. Probably because we often forget that they can also be useful for other purposes, other than just personal care.

Just like shelves, paintings, or other furnishing accessories that usually dominate the walls of our homes, mirrors also help to shape the image of an environment as well as redefine its atmosphere.

Here are some suggestions to best insert mirrors in home furnishings.

Wall mirror: inevitable in the bathroom

If there is a room in the house where one or more mirrors are never missing, it is the bathroom. The wall mirror hung above the sink, is an indispensable accessory in any bathroom.

In the bathroom, the mirror plays a more functional role than a decorative one, but this is certainly not a good reason to neglect it or choose it at random from an infinite number of mirrors without personality. The choice of the mirror for the bathroom must be made according to the space available, to one’s tastes and… To the light! Yes, because not everyone is lucky enough to have a bathroom with a window, in these cases there is no better choice than a mirror with LED backlighting.

Hanging above a generously sized washbasin cabinet, you can be daring with an equally large mirror, such as Fashion. If the space is not too much, it is better to reserve a few centimeters of wall more for shelves and wall units and focus on a smaller mirror, such as Narciso. Another useful solution for a small bathroom is the choice of a container mirror.

The importance of a mirror in the hall

The entrance is one of the most important areas of a house, a bit like the business card with which it presents itself to those who cross the threshold. And you know, it’s the first impression that counts! This is why the entrance to a house should always be looked after in the best possible way.

Next to the classic coat hanger, a design console could make a fine show of itself and, hung on the wall just above it, a modern mirror-like Basalto. With its original curved glass frame, wavy and colored just like the black sand of Icelandic beaches, Basalto enchants guests, amplifies their perception of space, and lights it naturally.

Living room mirrors to make the living room cozy

If the care of the entrance is important to immediately give an excellent impression of the house, the same thing applies to the living room: the room where you spend most of your free time, but also where you welcome guests and gather together. friends and relatives.

The choice of furniture is crucial for the creation of a living room that is as welcoming as possible. Lighting, furniture, and colors are the starting point for defining the mood of the room, but also the decorations on the walls have a certain importance. For this purpose, together with prints or paintings, mirrors, thanks to their play of light and space, also help to create atmosphere.

Narciso design a wall mirror

The unusual and original mirrored frame in curved glass that recalls the movement of the waves in the sea, makes the Narciso living room mirror an effective and universal compliment. Narciso will feel at ease both next to classic furniture and in a more modern design context.

Relaxing atmosphere with bedroom mirrors

The bedroom is par excellence the room for relaxation, sleep, and tranquility, the safest refuge after a busy day. To rest, however, a comfortable bed is not enough, even the bedroom furniture must be designed in such a way as to recreate an atmosphere as relaxing as possible.

Large wall mirror Brezza

Among furniture with gentle shapes and soft colors, Brezza finds its ideal place hanging on one of the walls of the bedroom. A simple but at the same time particular mirror, neither too big nor too small. The Brezza bedroom mirror is surrounded by a mirrored frame in curved glass, with soft shapes that recall those of a sail swollen by the sea breeze.

Wall mirrors illuminate and enlarge the space

Mirrors are a great ally in all those situations where space is very limited. A small room or house requires a lot of attention when designing the furniture: just one object, a piece of furniture. Or complement in the wrong place is enough to reduce the available space even more, or negatively influence its perception.

Goccia round wall mirror

It is in contexts like these that mirrors can turn the tables! A wall mirror hung in the right position virtually expands the space of a room giving it depth. In addition, the wall mirrors help to illuminate even the darkest corners. A winning move could be to hang a round mirror like Goccia on the wall opposite a window, for example in a corridor: together with its reflective curved glass frame it will make natural light shine and illuminate the room incredibly.

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