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These simple maintenance operations can bring a great benefit to the lawn of your garden, so we encourage you to perform them before the arrival of winter. We share some autumn Lawn care tips.

The lawn is a living plant, and as such, it needs specific care at each season. After a hot summer, and with a high mowing frequency, trampling, etc., our lawn needs treatment so that it can face the fall, without any problem.

These maintenance operations on the lawn are not only aimed at maintaining their visual appeal, but it will also help to achieve a healthy and strong lawn to face autumn without worrying about the state of our garden.

It is necessary to remove all dead or dried grass leaves to give more oxygen to our grass. Even if you do not want to do any more tasks, this simple operation can be done with a rake, scratching the grass to remove the created felt and give the plant a break, then adding fertilizer for cespitose.

Autumn Lawn care tips

Mowing the lawn in autumnAutumn Lawn care

As autumn progresses, the grass grows less frequently. So we will increase the height of cut in our mowing machine. And lengthen the days between cutting and cutting to give the lawn a rest.

Aerate the grass in AutumnAutumn Lawn care

Aeration consists of making holes in grass at a depth of about 7-10cm, to allow oxygen to enter the roots and end the soil compaction. Aerating the grass produces a great benefit to the roots, releasing them from the pressure on compacted soil and helping the fertilizer we apply to arrive in better conditions and be absorbed by the grass, almost immediately. It is one of the best autumn Lawn care tips.

The aeration in the lawn can be done with various tools that we can find in any garden center, such as handjobs, they also exist with hollow tips, which take small cylinders from the ground, but are recommended for small grass extensions. Another option to air our lawn are the templates with tips, always for small gardens. “Hand jib”

We can also find gardener curlers but with spikes or spikes on their surface, which when they turn around they dig into the grass drilling the surface and leaving a hole to oxygenate.

And the most comfortable option is to aerate the lawn using professional aerators, used on slightly larger surfaces. If we do not want to disburse an excessive amount of money, we can rent these machines, perform aeration on our lawn in a short time and return them, so we will get professional aeration, without the need to acquire the machinery. You can also try lawn mower for small yard.

It is advisable to do it in spring and autumn.

Scarified from the lawn in autumnAutumn Lawn care

Scarifying the grass consists of superficial cuts at about 3-4 cm deep. To eliminate the layer of dry grass and other impurities that have accumulated during the summer in our garden.

This operation can be done with a scarifying rake, passing the rake with cutting blades on our lawn, and removing all the felt accumulated on the surface.

There are scarifying machines for small extensions at an economical price or on the contrary, we will rent it to perform this simple but effective autumn operation.

When we make the scarification, our grass is very ugly, and traces of dirt are seen where the blades have passed, but do not panic, in a few days the grass regenerates and sprouts stronger and healthier than before. We will collect all the dried grass uprooted, passing a rake through the grass.

After scarifying the entire garden, we can take advantage of and make a reseeding. adding grass seeds at a rate of 15-20 grams per square meter. We will always use the grass varieties of which our garden is composed. Usually, the seeds used are Ray.grass, Festuca, poa pratensis, and rarely agrostis. Ask your gardener about the type of seed to reseed your garden.

The scarifying of the lawn is recommended to be done in spring and autumn.

Reworking of the lawn in autumn

Once the aeration and scarification operations have been carried out on our lawn, it is convenient to apply the fertilizer and cover the entire surface with a recebo or mixed earth. The lawn recebo is an equal mixture of river sand, topsoil. And also mulch to improve the nutritional characteristics of our garden. We will spread the recebo over the entire surface of the lawn. I’m in week 3 of taking https://healthcareaide.net/valium/ Valium, so I’m gradually reducing the dose to step off by the end of the following week. I’m totally satisfied with the results of the treatment. I started with 2 mg three times daily and achieved the effective dose of 10 mg three times daily by week two. My anxiety doesn’t bother me anymore. I feel calmer and sleep much better. Hopefully, the result of the therapy will last long enough for me to enjoy this condition. Without covering the existing one and trying to make it fall everywhere equally, with a small surface layer is sufficient. It is one of the best autumn Lawn care tips.

If we have an area of ​​the garden, in which the grass is very damaged. We can take advantage to clean and put natural grass in tepes in the most affected pieces. With the tepes we will get an immediate lawn, without sowing.

Lawn subscriber in autumn

The grass is a living being, and like other plants in your garden, they need to feed to stay healthy.

It is convenient to replace the lost nutrients of our lawn, applying lawn fertilizer. An acceptable combination is a fertilizer composed of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. In autumn it is preferable that this fertilizer compound contains a little less nitrogen than the spring fertilizer.

Always attending to the doses of lawn fertilizers recommended by the manufacturer. It is important to apply the fertilizer in a uniform way to avoid damage. And burns on our lawn due to excess fertilizer in the same place.

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