Because winter is that time that most people do not like: the cold, the shorter days … they are not things that make you happy. But do not get carried away by those ideas, there are many other things that winter brings and that are very beautiful and will make you smile. In this season, for example, the most romantic day of the year arrives and I’m sure some flowers fall for Valentine’s Day, because bouquets are always a good option for any season.

There is a myth that spreads like wildfire everywhere and we have to say that it is not entirely true. It is said, it is said, that when the cold arrives in our lives the gardens become sad, but we have to say that this is not the case. That’s why we want to talk about 4 plants that you can put in your garden when low temperatures approach.


If there is a famous plant at this time of the year, those are the violas or also known as thoughts. The flowers of the violas have very varied colors and will give that spectacular touch to your garden. What violas are good is that they hold very well low temperatures and also its flowering time is in winter, so if they lose some of their flowers you do not have to worry because you spend all this time blooming.

Wild Laurel

This is one of those plants that are perfect to have in the garden in winter. It is a shrub that most resist the low temperatures, can end up with -15ÂșC. In addition to this endurance, it is beautiful throughout the year. As if that were not enough, the care that has to be given to the wild laurel are very few, only the basic care and dedicating very little time you will have beautiful white flowers in your garden.


One of the queens of winter is the wallflower. It is a well-known flower, its flowers are not the most stunning that exist, but the perfume that they give off is one of those that intoxicate anyone. It is a very rustic flower that holds very well low temperatures. The only things that you have to take into account are that you should place it in an area where it receives enough sunlight and that watering it every 3 days has enough.

Dragon mouth

If what you are looking for is a plant for your garden, in winter and that is of a considerable size. The mouth of the dragon is your flower, this plant can reach up to 2 meters high. Although it is considered a winter plant and it is at this time when it blooms, it does not support very low temperatures or frosts very well. So be careful with her.

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