when to plant roses

Many give up growing roses because they are afraid of their delicacy. In reality, the rose plant is very rustic and resistant and with small precautions, anyone can see his rose garden bloom in the garden. Here is our gardeners’ advice on when, how and when to plant roses.

When to plant roses?

when to plant roses

Indicatively, the best time to plant roses in the garden is the end of winter, after the leaves have fallen. This period is the end of February / early March when the ground is no longer frozen for the northern regions. However, for the other regions, it is possible to proceed with the plant as early as the end of January.

The same is also true if you want to repot rose plants for growing in pots. Don’t worry if you purchased the rose plants at a time other than the one listed above. The roses you find at Floricoltura Quaiato have been created by careful and https://shlclubhouse.org/provigil-online/ scrupulous hybridizations.

WHERE: in pots or in the ground?

Roses do not require particular climatic conditions. That is, they can withstand very low or very high temperatures. The same goes for the soil: most varieties adapt easily to the type of soil they find. Growing roses in the open ground are quite simple.

However, it is possible to recreate the ideal conditions for the plant to grow lush and healthy, paying attention to some factors:

  • Air humidity equal to 80-85%
  • Full sun exposure, with at least 4/5 hours of direct light (for yellow roses and David Austin roses, partial shade is better)
  • Presence of a draining soil, to avoid water stagnation

If you don’t have a space to plant, you can always opt for growing roses in pots. In this case, you can choose particularly robust varieties of roses, such as climbing roses or sapling roses.

HOW: practical tips for planting roses in the garden

For the planting of roses in the open ground, you have to follow some basic steps.

  1. Make a hole suitable to contain the root system. Approximately 45 × 45 cm for bush roses and 60 × 60 cm for sarmentose roses.
  2. In the center of the hole, form a small gutter of soft earth and place the roots on it, well spread out
  3. Cover everything with soft earth, leaving the graft point out
  4. Compress the soil and water it several times, avoiding waterlogging

If your area is subject to late frosts (March / April), heap the plant by covering the branches closest to the ground.

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