cold weather flowers

Who said that during the cold months we cannot have a beautiful and flowery garden? There are cold weather flowers that withstand low temperatures wonderfully and like to enjoy a snowy day just like we do. What plants do we choose if we want flowers that enliven the coldest days?

Cold weather flowers

Do you know which are the flowers that endure the cold? Cyclamen, bellis, and pansy are great examples of these kinds of flowers. Cold? Welcome!

cold weather flowers


The cyclamen has a wide range of colors. It ranges from white to scarlet, through pink, purple or salmon. It remains in a state of lethargy during the summer and sprouts with the drop in temperatures and the arrival of the rains.

Daisy Meadows

The chirivita or Daisy Meadows ( Bellis perennis ) is a flower suitable to maintain a flowered landscape throughout the year. It grows in all types of climates but prefers the colder ones to stimulate flowering. It should be protected from ice by covering it with coniferous branches or straw. In summer it needs a lot of watering.


The Viola × wittrockiana is very popular because of its long flowering since it supports very low temperatures. It is widely used to design winter gardens because its flowers bloom in the fall and last well into spring. They live between the sun and the semi-shade and need watering every two days in the flowering period.

Winter hydrangea

Cold-resistant outdoor flowers include hydrangea, primrose and chrysanthemum. Your balcony will remain blooming even in bad weather thanks to these showy flowers. The winter hydrangea ( Bergenia crassifolia) is a perennial flower that keeps its leaves in the same state all year round, but reaches its most flowery beauty in winter. Its flower is very fragrant and bright colors such as white and red, although the purple variety is famous. It is a kind of shade that withstands drought badly.


The cowslip or spring ( Primula ) abounds in stores in November and December. In January it begins to bloom. The range of colors is incredibly wide. It is used as a houseplant, but it does not support heating. You need a cool and bright place throughout the year.


The chrysanthemum ( Chrysanthemum ) is a flower that is associated with the deceased, since it is common to see it adorning the graves of our loved ones. However, in the language of flowers, the chrysanthemum means joy.


Cold does not have to be a time of muted colors. Choose flowers like daffodil, snowdrop, violet or mimosa and make your garden come alive in winter. The daffodil ( Narcissus ) is a beautiful flower that shines in all its splendor during the colder months. Although the ones that are usually more abundant are those with white color, there are also yellow varieties that are just as striking.


The snowdrop or galanthus ( Galanthus nivalis ) is a perennial that blooms even in the snow, so its resistance to cold is more than proven. Its white hanging flowers are very characteristic.

Viola odorata

The common violet or garden violet ( Viola odorata ) is an odorous and very showy flower that blooms in the last weeks of winter. Due to its undemanding care, it is very popular with insiders.


The mimosa ( Acacia dealbata ) is very recognizable by its clusters of yellow pompoms. It withstands cold well, and although its resistance to frost is proven, if they occur continuously, it could be in danger.

The cold is not synonymous with a garden without flowers. As long as you choose flowers suitable for the cold, color can flood your garden all year long. Do you know more species of flowers that withstand low temperatures?

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