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Have you ever stopped to take a long and appreciative look at one of the fifty-eight breeding butterfly species here in Britain?  So many different varieties, colours and sizes, take the time to study them now before it’s too late!  Unfortunately, some of them are on the endangered, high priority conservation list and from 1983 – 2003 three there was a serious 71% decline in the butterfly species. From the Papilionidae, Swallowtails to the Hesperiidae, Checkered Skipper these tiny, delicate, flighty, creatures grace our land. In our everchanging and worsening climate conditions the butterfly needs to find ways to adapt.

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Like a PDF to Excel file that can change your computer programme, these brave little creatures try to adapt and survive by finding shelter from the wind, water to drink and nectar to give them sustenance. Using their very long tongues, much like a straw, the hungry creature drinks nectar from a flower or sips sap from a tree or other organic material.   When using a computer at home have you asked yourself the question, can you make a Can you make a pdf into an excel spreadsheet?  Why do we ask that seemingly random question?  Well like an excel file, the butterfly has to be adaptable and change itself through many different cycles of its life.  Without that adaptability the variety of species that we are lucky enough to enjoy now will continue to decline.

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