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A tree surgeon carries out cutting, trimming, pruning, planting, felling and the general care and maintenance of trees. A tree surgeon has many different parts and is considered a highly dangerous profession!

A tree surgeon will offer many services related to tree management in various locations and for various clients. Tree surgeons must be physically fit, capable of handling a number of electrical devices and able to work outdoors in all conditions.

What does a tree surgeon do?

The many responsibilities of tree surgeons mean the services they offer vary. Here, we will look at what tree surgeons do and the different roles that tree surgeons can take.

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The tree surgeon will conduct an inspection and hazard assessment to properly assess the health and potential danger of the tree. This is an important part of the work because it will decide how much work needs to be done, how long the work before the work will be completed and, for public sites, how the community might be affected. For personal work, inspection by a tree surgeon will involve discussion about what needs to be done, what is needed by the customer and must provide an estimate of the cost, time and amount of disruption that might occur.

If the tree has dead or weak branches, overall tree health is likely to be at risk. A tree surgeon will identify a branch that should be removed and will climb the tree using a harness to remove the branch. This is why a tree surgeon must be physically fit. A tree surgeon is likely to have to climb very tall trees regularly, which is a very big physical demand. For a Bournemouth Tree Surgeon, contact kieranboylandtreeservices.com

Removing the identified branches will make the tree lighter and hence healthier, which will help save the tree from collapse. The use of chainsaws and pruning equipment while hanging high up off the ground means that the work of tree surgeons is very dangerous, but contracted tree surgeons must always follow all appropriate safety precautions to help prevent accidents.

If a large tree proves to be a threat to public safety, or if a tree dies, a tree surgeon will be used to cut everything. This is of course a dangerous job and will involve several people who perform different roles to ensure the work is done correctly and as safely as possible. Those on the ground will help support climbers when they climb trees and will also dispose of debris using a wood crusher – another dangerous task.

Tree surgeons are not only concerned with cutting, trimming and cutting trees, they are also involved in planting and maintaining trees. Planting must be done very carefully, ensuring that plants are placed properly and cared for so that they can develop. This can include the use of cables and supports to ensure that trees grow well and do not require additional maintenance in the future.

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Tree surgeons can also use pesticides on damaged trees to increase their durability and will also be involved with site preparation and opening before new trees are ready.

Troublesome stumps and even unmanageable fences can also be treated by tree surgeons. They will use special equipment to grind the stump to remove it, while hedging can be done to help improve the look of the garden and make fences easier to manage.

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