How to use chainsaw

The chainsaws are machines capable of bringing down a giant tree in seconds. Many trees need to be pruned, either to help them grow or to prevent them from becoming a danger if they are at the end of their lives. And is that if a branch of a tree falls can pose a risk to the physical integrity of people who pass by. Here, we will show how to use chainsaw and how it works.

Other times, some trees fall for different reasons that block roads or railroads and need to be cut and removed quickly. The chainsaws are handy tools for performing maintenance work on the mountains and forests. With this powerful tool, you can work on fire prevention and preserve our natural habitat. Next, we will see how the chainsaw works, what are its types, and the advantages and disadvantages of each one.


The chainsaws are tools potent and potentially dangerous if the necessary precautions are not taken when using them. If you are going to use a chainsaw, you must comply with necessary safety regulations that will minimize the risk of an accident.

how to use chainsaw

Correct position

When holding the chainsaw, you must take into account the importance of the thumbs. Hold the front grip with all the fingers of the left hand and run your thumb under it. This position of the hand will help you to control the chainsaw firmly and to counteract the possible recoil movement. Place your right hand on the back grip of your chainsaw, holding it tightly with all your fingers and passing your thumb underneath.

Sticking the back of the chainsaw to your body will allow you to control better the movements you make with the machine. In this way you will have better balance, you will notice less the weight of the chainsaw, gaining comfort.

Place the left foot a little more forward than the right, keeping the legs apart. This will help you maintain balance while working with the chainsaw.

If you are going to cut a log that is resting on the ground, bend the knee to bend over. Avoid turning your back excessively because you could injure yourself.


When moving with the chainsaw in your hand, it is essential that the machine is stopped. To do this, you must activate your brake or, better turn off the engine directly. If the displacement is protracted, you must also place the sword protector (i.e., the saw itself).

Safety distance

When working with a chainsaw, it is essential to ensure that there is no one around us. It is necessary to keep at least a safety distance of 4 to 5 meters because the pieces that we cut can fall with great force and be dangerous.

If what we are going to do is cut a tree from its base, the safety distance increases considerably. It will be necessary to take into account the size of the tree and multiply its height by 2.5.

Also, you must protect your body with the appropriate clothing: with work clothes that cover all your skin, safety boots with a reinforced steel toe, helmet for the head, eye protection glasses, hearing protection for the ears, the mask for Do not vacuum sawdust and work gloves for hands.

How does chainsaw work?

A chainsaw consists of two parts mainly: on the one hand, a saw blade incorporated in a chain, wrapped around a long metal guide bar. And, on the other, an engine. There are different kinds of chainsaws, depending on the type of engine you have. Two-stroke gasoline engine: chainsaws with this type of driver are very powerful, but also very noisy. Electric motor, powered by a cable or by a battery.

How does chainsaw work

The chain of a chainsaw is similar to the chain of a bicycle. The chain passes around hardened steel cogwheels that help the chain rotate as it passes through the teeth. Inside the engine, when the piston moves in and out of the cylinder, it pushes a connecting rod that rotates a crankshaft. The crankshaft rotates the gears that are connected (through a centrifugal clutch) to one of the sprockets on which the chain is mounted, and the chain turns.


If you want to buy a chainsaw, you may have already realized that it can be an arduous task if you have no previous experience with this type of machinery. There are many options available in the market manufactured by different companies.

Before buying a chainsaw, you should know what types of chainsaws you will find in the market. These are the main ones:

Gasoline chainsaws

The gasoline chainsaw is the most popular type of chainsaw among professional and occasional users. As the name suggests, they run on gasoline.

These chainsaws have two-cycle or two-cycle engines that use a mixture of gasoline and oil to operate efficiently. Gas is necessary for combustion, while the oil lubricates the internal parts of the driver and prevents excessive wear or damage.


The two-stroke engines make gasoline chainsaws have a directly proportional relationship between their strength and their weight. That is, the more power, the more the chainsaw will weigh (and vice versa).

The chainsaws of gasoline are very powerful and effective, cut the wood faster than other types of chainsaw. However, gasoline-powered chainsaws are also heavier, produce more noise and vibration. Also, in many cases, they require supply replenishment during their use. And they need regular maintenance, while other chainsaw models do not.

Electric chainsaws with cable

The electrical chain saws cable is a type of smaller chainsaw, which have a power cord plug and use electricity to operate. These chainsaws do not require fuel to work.

The electrical cable chainsaws are considered immobile because they must be connected to a power supply. This can be a drawback, because you need a relatively close power source and have a very long extension cord. Therefore, unless a portable power generator is available, electric chainsaws cannot be used to fell trees in the forest or the woods.


Compared to gasoline-powered chainsaws, electric chain saws with cable have considerably less energy. And its use is limited to small tasks that do not require much skill. However, they are more potent than chainsaws that run on batteries. They can be used to cut small trees, thick branches, and more massive branches.

Unlike gasoline models, electric chainsaws do not produce polluting gases or too much noise. Its light weight means that they can be used even by inexperienced users. For people without experience in the use of a chainsaw, they are the ideal type of chainsaw, because they allow them to carry out light tasks with comfort.

Its primary disadvantage is that electric chainsaws require long extension cords to be plugged into an outlet or used in conjunction with a mobile generator. Also, the cable can get entangled in the vegetation, which makes its use tedious.

Battery power saws

The chainsaws battery, also known as wireless chainsaws. They work with rechargeable batteries instead of direct electricity or fuel. To do this, the batteries must be charged in advance before using the chain saw.

This eliminates the need for regular fuel supply and maintenance as in the case of gasoline chainsaws and the limitations associated with the use of electric chain saws with cable. But it also means that batteries must be charged frequently to use the chainsaw.

Many times, this limits the amount of work that can be completed in each session with a wireless chainsaw. One option to solve this disadvantage is to have several charged batteries and replace them as they run out.


Cordless chainsaws are designed for lighter tasks such as pruning, trimming, pruning, and cutting small trees. They have a reduced power capacity, less than electric chain saws with cable. They are ideal for light tasks that do not require much time or power.

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