How to care for palm plants
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Palm trees fantastically decorate our home: regardless of the type of leaves they have, their slender and thin trunks, their poise and elegance, can make a room look better, with more life and color. Its cultivation is not difficult. When you have them inside the house, you have to observe them from time to time, as some problems may arise. To avoid them, we are going to tell you how to care for palm plants indoors.

How to care for palm plants

Palm trees need a lot of light to grow well. Although there indeed are some. Such as the Howea forsteriana (kentia) or the Chamaedorea elegans (living palm) that can be in those areas that are not exceptionally bright. These plants will develop better in which there are windows through which the rays solar can enter. Keep reading: Tips for growing strawberries in pots

How to care for palm plants


Watering is probably one of the most challenging tasks to control. So that everything goes smoothly, you have to water only when the substrate is dry, preferably with rainwater or without lime. If we have a dish under it, we will remove the water that is ten minutes after it has been watered.


During the whole growing season from spring until the end of summer/early fall. We must fertilize them with a fertilizer for palm trees following the indications specified on the package. We can also choose to pay them with guano (liquid), which is natural.


In spring, you have to change them from a pot, especially if you have never done it before. To do this, they must be planted in containers that are at least 4cm more extensive than the previous one, with a universal culture substrate mixed with 30% perlite. If we want to improve the drainage more, we will throw a layer of volcanic clay about 2-3cm before filling the container.


This is a plant that needs to be in a cool place but in winter should not be at low temperatures. At least you should try that the environment has a temperature of 10º centigrade.


The light in enclosed spaces may be limited to the palms. If they do not have good lighting, they will not grow and the leaves will lose their shine. It is best to bring them closer to a window. They will have to be rotated every so often since the foliage leans towards the light and thus loses the verticality of the trunk.

Care for palm plants

More tips

If we want to decorate the home with a palm tree and enjoy it for many years, it is essential that we first learn about which species can be grown in pots and indoors.

Why do I say this? Because in nurseries and garden stores, they sell palm trees that either reach heights over 3 meters or they do not adapt to indoor conditions, or … both. A clear example is the coconut tree. This plant not only reaches 7 meters or more, but it needs much more light than it enters homes. If that were not enough, it is susceptible to cold. Sadly, it is used as a seasonal plant when in its natural habitat reaches almost 100 years.

Therefore, if we do not want to spend money on a plant that sooner or later we will have to go to the garden or throw it into the pile of compost. We hope that this article will help you to have a beautiful home. And remember that evaporating water will provide moisture to our plant.

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