There are many reasons why uPVC windows have become popular in recent years. Easy to maintain and energy efficient, uPVC can also be secure, stylish and sustainable. Here are five more great reasons why choosing uPVC for your replacement windows makes sense.

uPVC Offers Great Acoustic Insulation

If you’re plagued by noisy neighbours or constant traffic, or you just want to block out the dawn chorus in the morning, uPVC has astonishing acoustic insulating properties. In fact uPVC windows can block noise by up to 80 per cent – that’s like moving that busy road outside your door another 80m away. Noise pollution is one of the most stressful elements of modern life, so restore some peace and calm with uPVC windows.

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uPVC Are Affordable and increase property value

If you’re considering replacing all your windows then uPVC is the low cost alternative to timber or aluminium. But low cost doesn’t mean cheap – choose good quality uPVC and it will last a lifetime and continue to look good, maintaining a constant shape in a way that wood and metal cannot.  These will increase your house price and should you decide to sell you will no doubt have more cash in the bank.  Sam Conveyancing are conveyancing solicitors that can provide information on legal aspects in financial situations with equity if required should you need to look at this.

uPVC Offer High Security

By offering multiple locking points around the frame, uPVC windows offer a high security option for your home. If security is an issue for you, ensure that your windows are fitted with a secure locking system at the point of manufacture and that they conform to PAS 24/British Standard 7950 kite mark for extra security.

uPVC Offers a Range of Finishes

No longer are uPVC windows boring white rectangles. Thanks to modern foil finishes – where a type of laminate that precisely mimics the colour, grain and texture of timber – is heat fused to the uPVC, you can choose from a wide range of timber styles to replicate a particular aesthetic that only comes from real wood. Foils come in a range of solid colours too, to give you the effect of beautifully crafted and finished windows with all the low-maintenance benefits of uPVC.

uPVC Is Sustainable

uPVC can be recycled up to 10 times and the offcuts are collected and reused. Coupled with their durability and superior thermal performance, uPVC windows are the sustainable choice.

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