Being surrounded by nature is something that can really help us with our mental wellbeing. However, you don’t have to just be outdoors to experience and enjoy the calming effects of the natural world. By bringing nature into your home, you can enjoy it all the time you are there too! Here are some ideas to help you…

Use Natural Materials – There are lots of natural materials that are making a comeback in interior design. Wood is a firm favourite and is a great alternative to materials like metal for example. Wood can be used all around the home from flooring to furniture. Wicker is another material that is making a real comeback, and again is a versatile material used in many different home furnishings.

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Animal Art – The animal kingdom is diverse and beautiful, so why not invite some of those creatures into your home? Not literally of course, but in the form of art! An animal sculpture like this by is a great way to enjoy animals from far off lands as well as those closer to home – whatever takes your fancy! Paintings and wall art featuring animals are also a great decorative touch and can help to set the mood in a room.

Forage for Décor – If you want to really bring the outside in, then try foraging! Our ancestors brought parts of the natural world into the home around Christmas time, it was known as bringing in the green, and is a great way to add décor to your home. Make wreaths and table decorations with branches, nuts, leaves – basically whatever takes your fancy when you are out and about in the countryside. Be sure to leave plenty for the animals though!

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Natural Prints – There are lots of prints inspired by the natural world – from florals to jungle and animal inspired prints. Go bold and use a natural print wallpaper to create a feature wall or add subtle touches like cushions or rugs with nature inspired prints and patterns on them. There are lots of natural printed items in shops at the moment, so you are bound to find the right one to suit your style and budget.

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