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There is a lawn mower for every outdoor space and this piece aims to help you determine which is most appropriate for your garden and standards.

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Electric hover mower

Electric hover mowers float on an air cushion and are lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. They can go forwards, backwards and side to side, making cutting the grass a quick and easy job.

Electric push mower

An electric push mower has four wheels and forward movement is achieved by the operator physically pushing it. As these mowers are tethered by an electric cable, they are typically suited to small to medium size flat gardens.

Hand mower

A hand mower is a human-powered push mower. These mowers have no motorised parts and the rotary cutter spins according to the speed of the wheels. They are a cheap and effective option for small spaces.

Petrol push mower

A petrol push mower does not have the cable-length restrictions that electric push mowers do but otherwise operates in a very similar fashion, with the operator providing the momentum and the motor driving the cutting blades.

Petrol self-propelled mower

Self propelled mowers have four wheels and a petrol-driven motor maintains forward momentum with little effort from the operator, despite their increased weight, making them ideally suited to large spaces and gardens with inclines.

Ride on mower

A ride-on mower is essentially a small tractor, upon which the operator sits. They are designed for large spaces and those with notable inclines which would require significant effort to mow with a push or self-propelled mower.

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Robot mower

Robotic mowers can be programmed to mow at a time that is convenient for you. They can handle an average garden with ease, delivering a high-quality result and avoiding obstacles, mowing silently and docking themselves for recharging as required.


A strimmer is a handheld device with a spinning cord at the end, which is typically used for reducing sward height prior to mowing, or for tidying edges and hedge lines.

All mowers require maintenance to keep them operating effectively. When your motor or other mechanical component fails, replacing it with Briggs and Stratton parts from specialists such as www.briggsbits.co.uk/ will extend its lifetime and save you money in the long term.

Choose the right mower for your garden and maintain it well, and you will be the envy of the neighbourhood this summer!

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