large indoor plants

Many people use plants inside their homes to increase beauty.  The reasons are diverse. Most of the time it is because they love to incorporate a part of nature inside the house to feel it closer, although sometimes it is decided to place large indoor plants in strategic places or keys of the home as a decorative element. It is, above all, in the latter case when large indoor plants take on a special role. They can separate rooms within the same room or room depending on their size and length.

5 large indoor plants

Whether it is to decorate or to be a person who loves plants, there are several options for enjoying a home with natural elements. Here, we recommend you 5 large indoor plants so you can choose the one you like best or adapt better, due to its characteristics, to the area of the house in which it is going to be placed.

large indoor plants


Under this name, there is a well-known plant because it is the most commonly used palm for interiors. Among the reasons why it is one of the most chosen. It is the fact that it is quite resistant and is not difficult to care for and maintain.

And it is that the Kentia or Howea forsteriana can grow even in places where there is partial shade, although it is true that it is a plant that requires a lot of natural light, so it should be placed in bright areas of the house, but in the Do not hit the sun directly.

Precisely, for these needs of light, it is important not to move the plant so that it lives well because it is very sensitive to light changes. It is better to always be in the same place so that the cycle of day and night is the same and always receive the same level of luminosity.

Once you have chosen the right place inside the house, you just have to be aware that it has enough humidity in summer and that, during the winter, the land is a bit drier. The temperature is also important: it must be around 24 ºC.

Norfolk Pine

If you like more tree-like plants, you have a good choice in Norfolk pine or Araucaria heterophylla. This large indoor plant is characterized by reaching 65 meters in height, although it does not usually exceed three meters when grown indoors and in a pot.

The Norfolk pine is ideal to be placed in areas where there is a lot of light because its halos are vital for its correct development. For the rest, it does not require much care. You just have to avoid putting it in areas where there are many air currents -care with windows and balconies-, make sure that the environment is not too dry and that it always has humidity.

Ficus robusta

The ficus robusta or Ficus elastica is a plant that, when it is in areas with the Mediterranean or tropical climate, tends to become a very leafy tree. However, its dimensions are reduced when grown indoors.

Among its advantages is that it is one of the large indoor plants that are characterized by being quite robust. The only requirement that has is the light, so you have to look for a bright place inside the house. Also, in this case, it does not matter if you receive the sun’s rays directly.

An important fact is that this plant needs light to reach all the leaves so as not to lose them. If this is not possible due to the chosen location, it is advisable to rotate the pot periodically so that, for a few days at least, the leaves receive the light.

The irrigation must be moderate and, in the temperature, it is not a problematic plant either because it can live well in climates with 0 ºC, although it is advisable to protect it from frost.

Delicious monstera or rib of Adam

Among the options of large indoor plants is also the delicious Monster, also called Adam’s rib. It is characterized by its large leaves with a curious shape. A particularity for which it is a very decorative indoor plant, contributing to create with its presence an environment within the home more exotic and even tropical.

This indoor plant requires some more care than the previous ones. For example, you have to be especially careful with light because you need a lot, but without the sun affecting you directly.

You also have to watch that it is always wet. Periodically It is recommended to spray the leaves so that they stay in the best possible condition and always show their characteristic color and brightness.

Croton or crotos

Other large indoor plants are the croton or Codiaeum variegatum. It is very striking because of the color of its leaves and the shape it adopts. Also, it can have large dimensions, being possible even to reach a height of three meters.

The secret to taking good care of her is that she is always in a bright area near a window, but facing East so that the hours of greatest solar radiation do not affect her – she could get burned – and receive the solar rays that are softer.

Also, it is always better to locate it in an area inside the house where the temperature is constant and does not register less than 10 ºC. And, as for irrigation, it is not very demanding. It should be watered regularly so that the soil is moist, but without flooding the roots.

There are five large indoor plants that we propose with which you can decorate the home or enjoy them if you like nature. In case of any doubt or problem, it is advisable to consult with experts to provide the best advice and care.

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