One of the most used aromatic herbs as a seasoning in the kitchen is oregano, a plant of Mediterranean origin. In any establishment, we can find leaves already dried and ready to season any dish, but it will always be much tastier if we plant it ourselves. Oregano is a very resistant plant, so it will not be difficult for you to take care of it so that it grows strong and healthy. In this article, we explain in detail how to grow oregano so that you can also enjoy it at home.

Steps to follow:

Step: 1

First of all, it should be noted that oregano is a very resistant plant, so it will easily adapt to any terrain, as well as it can be planted in pots or pots.

Step: 2

When planting oregano, we can choose between doing it through seeds or opting for seedlings or seedlings that we will acquire in nurseries and garden centers. Once our oregano grows, we can reproduce it through the plant itself.

Step: 3

It will be necessary to plant the oregano or place the pot in a sunny place, where it receives sunlight, although it can also grow in a semi-shaded place. Planting can be done in the fall or spring.

Step: 4

As for the climate and temperatures, you should not worry, since it is a shrub with a lot of resistance. It supports high temperatures well, as well as frost and cold environments.

Step: 5

One of the most important things an oregano plant requires is well-drained soil or, if planted in a pot, a good drainage system. It will be essential that the irrigation water does not remain stagnant, because then the roots would rot and it would be completely spoiled.

Step: 6

It is not recommended to fertilize the land too much where to plant the oregano, but poor and stony soil is recommended. If it is planted in a pot, it is best to combine sand, compost, and garden soil in equal parts.

Step: 7

As we already pointed out, irrigation should be moderate and always ensure that the water does not remain puddled. During the summer and drier times, it will be necessary to increase irrigation but never be abundant.

Step: 8

Regarding the collection of oregano to use in the kitchen or as a medicinal plant, to use it fresh, the stems must be cut at a considerable distance from the ground, once they are large enough. If the leaves want to dry out, they should be collected before flowering and left in a ventilated place.


Do not abuse the irrigation of oregano.

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