Through some details, you can get decorate a garden in winter. Today we will offer you some options so you can give a touch of wonderful color. The exterior of your house does not have to become ugly and abandoned during the cold days. Decorating a garden in winter is the best option to make it attractive to take advantage of throughout the year.

Wheelbarrow serving as a flower pot

we find different alternatives for decorating the garden, including a beautiful wooden wheelbarrow that has been used as a pot or planter. It can be used for the placement of colorful flowers during spring and summer, and in winter you can get a different touch by using branches of oak, cedar, eucalyptus other trees. In addition to placing some small red fruits to give some life and decorate a garden in winter.

Bear in mind that many of the arrangements we are going to make will be able to withstand the low temperatures, the ice and the wind. To prevent spoilage can be placed in plastic containers to prevent cracking as temperatures may vary.

Beautiful flower pots

In a garden corner, you can place different pots, clay or plastic, with branches of spruce, white pine, Scots pine, and dyed eucalyptus. The important thing, in this case, is to place longer branches in the center, to give it a little height. You can choose, for branches and flowers of different colors to make the pot even more attractive and colorful.

Welcome wall

If your home has space at the entrance to place a pot of this type, welcome it. In this case, a large wall container made of wire and lined with moss was used. Inside, florist foam was placed and all kinds of branches and flowers were inserted in this material. Always remember to follow the figure to achieve a balance. In this case, being a semicircular maceration, the floral arrangement followed that figure.

garden in winter

For the preparation of this arrangement, different end-of-season flowers have been cut, such as astilbes, hydrangeas, and allium, which were preserved in a warm place. At the beginning of the cold days, they were used for the creation of this type of arrangement or decoration for your garden.

Elegant urn

With the use of wooden pineapples, branches of cedars this floral arrangement could be created an ideal for winter. Inside this urn, florist foam was placed, where the chosen branches were nailed to decorate a garden in winter.

This type of branch can be kept from year to year if it is kept tightly closed. thus it will not be necessary to repeat the arrangement season after season.

Small Christmas tree

In a pot, you can put a small fir or a branch of spruce, decorate it using dried artichokes, small pumpkins, dyed eucalyptus, pods, dried hydrangea flowers and a garland of pineapples. Subtle and beautiful details to decorate a garden in winter.

A special texture

In this case species such as spruce, cedar, juniper, eucalyptus, southern magnolia leaves have been combined.

There are certain secrets that will allow you to keep the branches and flowers for longer, and thus be able to create the most beautiful and original bouquets and floral arrangements. One of the best-known methods is that of glycerin. It consists of replacing the water of the plants with glycerin, in this way the branches will be more flexible, and not as fragile as with the traditional drying.

This same method to decorate a garden in winter can be used with flowers, but they will be left with darker or satin tones. Everything will depend on the aspect you want to obtain when decorating a garden in winter. Keep in mind that glycerin can be obtained in craft stores and pharmacies.

Another technique, similar to the previous one, involves completely submerging the branches of trees or shrubs in a container containing glycerin diluted with water. Leave several days, when removing them you should wash the leaves using a little soap and dry them immediately.

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