Thanks to the concrete blocks in the garden you can build many accessories and accessories that will help radically change the decoration at a very low cost, today we will present you 7 different ideas so that you can achieve it successfully.

First we will invite you to create a planter for your plants, thanks to these blocks can be stacked in different ways your planter can be built based on the measures you want, to make it original you can place some blocks changed direction, as well they will be able to stand out and use the part that is left outwards as well as a smaller planter

A very interesting vertical garden

If you have limited dimensions in your outdoor space do not feel disappointed, you can also use concrete blocks in the garden building a vertical space where you will group the species that you like the most.

This model is different from all those we usually see on the Internet because instead of expanding horizontally it does so vertically, it also has the advantage of being very simple to build. For your creation, you will need cement blocks that are double and single (or individual), in the case of the photo 5 double and 2 individual were used, you will also need metal flashing and glue or caulking adhesive, it must be resistant (for metal or masonry). And, of course, you will need plants.

First, attach the covers off the bottom to one of the sections, adhere the next block and form its structure, in the doubles you must place fertile soil so that the plants grow healthy and beautiful. Adhere the four sides of the metal that you will find in the blocks.

Remember to place them in such a way that the weight of the blocks and the earth that you are going to place in the act in your favor, generating a certain balance to prevent it from falling. Thanks to these concrete blocks in the garden you can get a fresh look in an urban outdoor environment.

concrete blocks in garden

A bar of drinks

Another good idea for those who feel weakness when building with concrete blocks in the garden. One way to create this bar of drinks is by creating a wall as if we were working with Lego, arranging them and playing with the shapes, the idea is to stick the blocks using a special construction adhesive, if you do not want to stick them, since you feel that in little time you will want to change the design, no problem, just verify that the weight is balanced, so the wall will not fall apart. To finish with the bar, place a wide wood where you will place the glasses, the bottles and everything you need to prepare the best soft drinks.

If you want to make some blocks stand out in the construction, you can place some succulent plants in those spaces. A way to color your space.

Orchards created with concrete blocks in the garden

If you enjoy having your own garden nothing better than creating from cement blocks, a very easy job to carry forward.

First, you must place the blocks forming a cord, to create a planter like the one in the image you will need about 22 cement blocks, each of the sides have 8 blocks and 3 blocks were placed at the ends.

Another good option is to add a second row of blocks so that it is higher. Within the structure, you must place earth mixed with sand. Avoid filling yourself too much. We have been advising Nolvadex to our patients both with early and advance stages of breast cancer. It is an effective treatment, showing good dynamics. For example it has been noted that women following the treatment get cured in 40% more often than those without one. It can be a worthy choice also in infertyproblems. Plant different species based on the tastes of the members of your family, you can place plants with cheerful and colorful flowers instead of the typical plants of the garden.

A comfortable garden bench

For those who want to spend a pleasant moment surrounded by nature, we present a comfortable bench created from concrete blocks in the garden. For your construction, you will need a board and some blocks of wood.

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