Garden scissors
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In the market, we can find different types of gardening scissors that facilitate the task of caring for plants and flowers. We just have to choose the one that best suits the task we have to perform. We show you some of the most common and their uses!

Classic gardener scissors

The most classic scissors are those that have two curved blades and are used with one hand.

They have an ergonomic design and a safety closure, they are the most used to cut stems and small branches.

Flat blade scissors

The models of scissors with a flat blade are used to cut flowers and collect fruits. In the small size, they are perfect for taking care of our bonsai. They are used with one hand.

Hedge shears or shears

They are used for pruning small shrubs or hedges and have strong wizards and wide leaves. They are used with both hands.

Pruning shears

They allow to cut branches up to 45 millimeters without effort and, thanks to their long arms, high branches can be accessed. They are used with both hands.

Flat scissors or rotary flat scissors

Scissors that have a rotating handle are the most suitable for working at ground level, as we use them to cut grass with scissors.

On this occasion, we show you how to cut grass with scissors and create a stone path in the garden in a very simple way.

Cleaning and caring for the blades

Scissors blades must always be sharp and clean. In addition, it is advisable to grease them frequently with a cloth soaked in oil.

If we have used them on a diseased tree, shrub, or plant, it is essential to disinfect it to prevent bacteria from being transmitted. Very important!

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