how to keep rabbits out of garden

Picture this: a garden bursting with vibrant blooms, lush greenery, and thriving vegetables. It’s a gardener’s paradise, except for one tiny problem – those mischievous rabbits. These fluffy creatures may be adorable, but their nibbling habits can wreak havoc on your carefully tended plants. Fear not, fellow gardener! We’re here to share effective strategies to keep those bunnies from turning your garden into their personal buffet.

1. Install a Rabbit-Proof Fence

A physical barrier is one of the most effective ways to keep rabbits out. Opt for a fence made of chicken wire or hardware cloth, buried at least 6 inches underground to prevent burrowing.

2. Utilize Raised Beds

Elevated garden beds not only improve drainage but also serve as a natural deterrent for rabbits. The higher elevation makes it more challenging for them to reach your plants.

3. Apply Natural Repellents

Rabbits have sensitive noses, and certain scents can deter them. Consider using natural repellents like garlic, onion, or pepper spray. Alternatively, scatter coffee grounds or human hair around your garden – rabbits find these odors unappealing.

4. Plant Rabbit-Resistant Varieties

While no plant is entirely rabbit-proof, there are varieties that they tend to avoid. Opt for plants like lavender, salvia, or marigolds, which are less appealing to our furry friends.

5. Create Distractions

Set up a designated area with rabbit-friendly plants or provide them with their own feeding station filled with clover or other greens. This can divert their attention away from your prized garden.

6. Use Motion-Activated Sprinklers

Rabbits are skittish creatures, and sudden movements can startle them. Motion-activated sprinklers provide a harmless but effective deterrent, keeping the critters at bay.

7. Employ Natural Predators

Encourage natural rabbit predators like owls, hawks, or foxes to visit your garden. Provide nesting boxes or perches to make your garden an inviting hunting ground for these helpful creatures.

8. Apply Commercial Repellents

There are commercially available repellents designed specifically to deter rabbits. Look for safe, eco-friendly options that won’t harm your plants or the environment.

9. Regularly Inspect and Maintain Your Garden

Frequently inspect your garden for any signs of rabbit activity, such as nibbled leaves or droppings. Promptly repair any holes in fences or barriers to prevent easy access.

10. Harvest Crops Promptly

keep rabbits out of garden

If you’re growing fruits or vegetables, harvest them as soon as they ripen. Leaving them on the plant for too long can make them more enticing to hungry rabbits.


1. Can I use human hair to deter rabbits?

Yes, scattering human hair around your garden can be an effective deterrent. The scent of humans can help keep rabbits at bay.

2. Will mothballs keep rabbits out of my garden?

While mothballs have a strong odor that rabbits may find unpleasant, they are not recommended for outdoor use due to their toxicity to humans, pets, and wildlife.

3. Are there plants that attract rabbits?

Yes, certain plants like lettuce, beans, and peas are particularly appealing to rabbits. Consider planting these in containers or raised beds that are more easily protected.

4. Can I use cayenne pepper to deter rabbits?

Yes, cayenne pepper can be an effective natural deterrent. Sprinkle it around your garden, focusing on areas where rabbits are most active.

5. Do rabbits hibernate in winter?

No, rabbits do not hibernate. They are active year-round and may become more dependent on gardens for food during the winter months when other sources are scarce.

With these strategies in your gardening arsenal, you’ll be well-equipped to protect your garden from the voracious appetites of those adorable but troublesome rabbits. Remember, a combination of methods often yields the best results. Here’s to a flourishing garden, free from furry intruders! Happy gardening!

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