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If you are unhappy with your garden and want to do something about it, then you will be pleased to know that now autumn is here, it is the best time of year to change your garden! After the summer you will have a good idea of what is growing in the garden, and what you want to keep and also what you will change.

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You can start by making plans now and you also have the whole of the winter to do landscaping, which is a great time to do it as you are not going to be using the garden at this time of year so you can get it ready for the spring.

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Start off by thinking about the things that you want in your garden. Think about the size and the shape of it and how you can best make use of the space. If you have things that need to be repaired or replaced, now is the time to do this – for example, if you have a fence that has seen better days, then get a professional like this fencing Loughborough based company https://directfencingandcontracting.com/service/fencing-loughborough/ to replace it before the bad weather arrives!

You might also think about what you can add to the garden to create interest – in the autumn and winter you see the garden when there is not much in it, so it gives you a blank canvas to help you design it and decide where things will go – for example you might want to add things in to a sparse area, such as a water feature.

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