how to get rid of snails in potted plants

Without a doubt, one of the pests that you are possibly going to have is slugs and snails. There are several ways to prevent or protect them from appearing. We propose several methods to know how to get rid of snails in potted plants.

How to get rid of snails in potted plants?

how to get rid of snails in potted plants

Keep in mind that snails and slugs appear in places where it is damp and dark. If you can’t avoid these two factors, you can use different methods to protect your plants:

Method 1: Create a little house

Since the snails are looking for humidity and darkness, recreate that ideal environment near the plants by making a house using some porous material such as terracotta tile.

Method 2: Beer

Place a tea towel or similar soaked in malt beer near the plants you want to protect. The aroma of the fermented malt attracts the snails and you will see that they approach the cloth rather than the plant. This way, you don’t kill the snails, but you attract them off the plants.

Method 3: Homemade mix

Mix water, sugar, flour and yeast; you will get the same result as with beer. Do the same as the previous method, soaking the cloth/dishcloth in this mixture.

Method 4: Food shells

Leave them orange or potato peels next to a damp, dark place. This will attract them and prevent them from preferring to approach your plants.

Method 5: Use physical barriers

Use a plastic bottle with the top cut off to create a protective barrier against slugs and snails. Insert the outside of the plant into the bottle using a bottle of the appropriate size for the plant you are protecting.

Method 6: Scroll them

Carefully move the snails to another place that they like and do not have the facility to approach the plants. Remove them by hand from the plants and take them to that chosen place. Choose to use another of the methods mentioned so that he prefers to be in his “new home.”

Homemade traps to eliminate snails

There are four ingredients that, if you use them wisely, will end this plague.

The ash remains from the wood repel them. Likewise, if you spread the dried and broken eggshells into small pieces, they will stick to their slimy skin, leaving them immobilized. Another curious method is beer. Snails are attracted to the smell of it. Therefore, we can almost say that they are fond of this drink since they can even die from it. If we place a jar full of this liquid in the soil of our garden, the slugs will advance towards this suggestive aroma and will die diving.

There is another drink that can also be effective, which is caffeine. If you mix water with 2% caffeine around your flowers the next day, you can be sure that most of the snails will be dead.

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