My mom usually grow roses at home. She is an eternal lover, loves to go out and see them bloom, as if a kind of offering was given to her once she walks through the garden, the roses fascinate her, and she lives sowing them everywhere.

And although the expert is her, because in this case, I will transmit the knowledge inherited by them about the cultivation of roses.

And many of you will say and why roses? After the sunflower, the roses are the most sown flower, cultivated and given away in the World. Just as he reads it, that is why his cultivation has been widely spread and many of his species have been acclimatized everywhere.

And ask yourself who has not been given a flower? And if it’s roses yet?

Roses have been cataloged as the flower of the language of love, already, the simple fact of receiving one regardless of its color, means that it professes a feeling.

This reminds me of the first rose that I was given … I still keep it and that was more than 30 years ago … I was studying in high school, what is known as high school, last year and my best friend, the day of the lovers of all the girls gave us a flower, a rose, lacquered in an envelope with a poem …

I was delirious when I received it, it was the first time someone gave me a rose, I did not care if it was only for friendship or for what I wanted but I had given it to me … it was a magical moment for me.


Yes, as I said that roses are the most used for the expression of beautiful feelings and even to seduce if there are still no express feelings. But whatever the reason, when in doubt, give roses.

And this is a wake-up call to fame, in bioenergetics, nothing is totally yin and nothing is totally yang, because men have been given the power to be the ones who take the lead with these propositions or these Adventures of giving flowers.

Roses as such, with their delicacy, sensuality and perfume are in themselves, a flower, very romantic and seductive. It is already an everyday and well-verified language, worldwide and widely known. But even more is accentuated when in addition to the gift of the flower, it is combined with the color given in that gift.


It is said that within the colors of love, red indicates pure love, passion, lust, desire and immediacy.

While white, it exudes purity, innocence, truth, light, and lasting love.

Yellow, evokes memories, nostalgia, friendship, forbidden loves or of distant times.

The pink as its color always evokes us, it is that adolescent love, it is the color of the baby roses and therefore, its color also denotes the sweetness, the tenderness and the innocent innocence of the babies.


Well, you’ve already seen all the implications that in love and present issues have led the rose to the seat it now has. Therefore, if you have a garden, a terrace and even a pot, it’s time, how not to have a rose of your own, as The Little Prince would say! Let’s do it.

So that your rose plant sticks well and grows huge and robust the earth must be well nourished and fertilized, and be moist, but not wet.

It must be a land, well moved, that is, it must be loose that can be easily grasped and made manageable between the fingers, not like sand, but it can not be hardened like a stone. It is good before planting them, to be able to prepare the soil and to be well, loose and nourished to be able to have a good sowing.

My mother tells me that it can be sown by seeds but also by twigs, by children. A slightly thick branch of the plant of the rose is cut diagonally.


After having the twig of the original stick of rose, it is placed in water, and a couple of days are waiting for it to come out a little trickles in the form of new roots, it is time to go transplanting. My advice that I see in my mother, is that in that container, where you have soaking the rose plant, when you see the first rows of roots, gradually add a teaspoon of earth to that container so that it adapts to the change that comes.

Then when you have enough soil in that new container, you can transplant it to the pot or garden where you have taken the soil. Something that my mom tells me is that roses are very delicate, whimsical, has its character, well … and by virtue of that, they are not treated like a normal flower like any other plant, that perhaps, the transplant is much more resistant.

If you follow these steps, be sure that soon, you will enjoy your rose bush and you will be delighted to see how cocoon after cocoon gives you scent freshness. Do not forget to tell us what your results were and recommend this article to your friends and family.

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