The gardens are usually our favorite part of the house to decorate, besides being a fundamental part of the house since it is the place where children go out to play or where we have a nice time with family or friends in a meeting or celebration, it is important for many decorate it according to your home following of course the trends that are setting the tone for the season.

For lovers of outdoor spaces, keeping the garden impeccable in terms of decoration, is essential, and if you have a large garden, you can play with its decoration completely, for which it requires always be up to date as to it. Although it is known, there are people who use their gardens only to plant plants and keep the grass short so that it looks simple and rural giving the house a fresh and homelike air.

But on the other hand, there are those who like to maintain the garden as a space where they place furniture, tables, umbrellas, creating a living room environment to receive visitors, make some barbecues and even hold a party if that is what it is.


The elements and how you want to wear the decoration will always depend exclusively on the taste of the person, some prefer a simpler taste and others something more structured.

Therefore, the essential and that should always prevail regardless of the type of decoration you want to give your garden, is to decorate in a way that achieves an atmosphere of amplitude, harmonious contiguous without falling into exaggerations. An ornately decorated garden can look very good and create a heavy and boring environment.

The combination between the modern style and the classic style are part of the trend that dominates this season, between rural and rustic are always a good choice because it gives that ecological touch to your terrace that you can complement by adding wood trunks that attenuate the image of the garden.

To decorate gardens you can not ignore the flowers, which besides always look, complement the gardens in their entirety, therefore, if yours is big, do not hesitate to fill a space completely with them, as they are undoubtedly a detail that You should not miss not only when decorating the garden but also the house in general terms.


Without leaving the simplicity, using furniture, chairs, central tables and of course, flowers, the wooden trunks can add a touch of more naturalness to the terrace and also allow to leave the usual decorating only with flowers.

If you use the garden only to be appreciated visually, you only sow flowers and you like to keep it in such a way, the trunks are a good option to decorate either the patio, around your plants, or the sides of the entire space and also on the sides of the corridor where you walk.

Before carrying out the design, it is important to analyze the dimensions, the complete stay and the characteristics that you want to highlight.

The most important thing is mainly to consider the dimensions of the house so as not to overload the garden once it is being decorated, otherwise the ornate garden can produce an effect contrary to the desired one.

When you enjoy a pool in your garden or terrace, you have to know how to be more strategic if you are going to decorate with trunks, it can be very out of place and, in fact, overloaded.

The pool by itself plays as the main center of the decoration, so it is much better to complement with sun chairs, tables and if around there are grass and plants, the trunks should be located in places where they are not so flashy.


When the surface is not grass, the effect will not be natural once it is decorated, but it can be done and not fail in the attempt. Of course you have to be more careful not to fall into the excess of plants if it is what you bet, try to make a combination between the natural and the modern by placing glass tables with chairs and umbrellas type terrace, decorating with flowers and using small wooden logs perhaps as a center of tables and around the corners of the space in the garden.


Combining the colors of the house with the elements of the garden is not a good idea because it could collapse visually. The ideal is to use a unique color in the garden that contrasts with the plants and that does not get out of the simple as the color in general gives a more homelike and harmonious environment in a space that should be comfortable to inhabit.

Make sure that furniture and tables are pale or pastel and, in that case, are the flowers that give the greatest contrast without forgetting the trunks that bring that rural detail that should not be missing from the terrace of your home.

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