For creating a garden that attracts bees, a wide variety of plants is a must. They need variety in their diet to survive. Increasing your garden’s fruit and vegetable production will help to decrease your reliance on commercial food production. You can also increase the number of flowering plants in your garden. Many types of flowers require pollination, and bees will appreciate the presence of these flowers in your garden.

Flowers, of course, are a must for a bee-friendly garden. Unfortunately, not all flowers are attractive to bees, so you need to select the right kinds to attract and keep the hives full. Native plants are essential for bees. They provide a wide variety of nectar and pollen to the bees, which means you don’t have to spend hours searching for them. For guidance from an Online Garden Centre Kent, visit Simply Go Gardening

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Flowers are a crucial component of a bee-friendly garden. While many flowers attract bees, not all types are suitable for this purpose. Instead, select plants that are native to your region. This is especially important if you live in a warmer climate where bees are native to your area. In addition, many of these plants are easy to find and provide an excellent habitat for bees.

The best way to attract bees to your garden is to plant flowers that attract pollinators. The flowers should be planted in succession so that they provide a constant supply of pollen and nectar. Since bees need nectar to survive, you can encourage them to flock your garden with multiple flowering plants. However, avoid planting large groups of one plant type. These are not good for the bees and will repel them, a variety is definitely preferable.

Especially when native species are involved, you can plant native plants that provide natural food for bees. These plants can be found anywhere and the best part is that these plants are very easy to grow. These flowers will be more likely to attract bees so choose blooms that will flower continuously between March and September.

Bee hotels are another great idea for attracting them to your garden. A bee hotel should ideally be placed in the sunshine and here the bees will lay their eggs, leave a small food supply for the larvae and eventually hatch and emerge from the hotel.

A bumble bee nest is another idea to help provide a place for the queen to hibernate until late winter or early spring. These can be made from a variety of materials and offer a safe place to protect the queen from the harsh winter weather.

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In addition to flowers, bees need a plentiful source of water. You can provide this through a drip tray or shallow bowl filled with water. Aside from flowers, bees also need a place to rest. Providing an accessible source of water for bees is essential for their health. The best way to do this is to create a bee-friendly garden that includes a variety of flowers, plants and places to rest or hibernate.


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