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Timber can be used in a garden in many different ways. Timber is an eco-friendly and durable material that can be used for garden structures. Timber is also an easy-to-build product that is cost-effective and versatile. It can be used for fencing, decking, seating, and walls. Landscape timbers are usually made from the central cores of tree logs, machined flat, and rounded on the other sides.

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Landscape timbers are a good choice for outdoor use because they are pressure-treated and will not release toxins into the soil. However, they should be installed in the semi-shady area so that they can naturally decompose. Alternatively, they can be painted with exterior wood finish to ensure they look attractive.

If you want a less expensive option, consider using treated pine. This type of wood makes a strong border for your garden. Nevertheless, you should make sure that you dispose of the offcuts correctly. To dispose of treated wood, take the offcuts to your local council landfill. Similarly, you should avoid burning the treated timber.

For example, if you plan to plant vegetables in your garden, you should not use treated wood because it can leach toxins into the soil over time. Instead, it would help if you chose harder untreated lumber. You can line the planters with plastic, so the plants do not touch the timber. When you need Timber Merchants Salisbury, visit Timbco, a leading Timber Merchants Salisbury

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Other ways to use timber in the garden include using it for retaining walls. These can be built to create a curved wall, a low retaining wall, or a stepped finish. These options help make a strong and aesthetically pleasing boundary for your garden.

Another way to make your garden stand out is to build a trellis. These will create a colourful backdrop for your plants and are often used for showcasing them.

In addition to showcasing plants, tree logs make stunning centrepieces for a garden. Whether you opt for a stepping stone arrangement or an L-shaped design, they create a rustic atmosphere. Likewise, garden log piles also attract insects, making them a perfect home for birds and other wildlife.

Lastly, you can build timber structures such as pergolas or a gazebo. Pallets can also be used for these projects, as they are easily assembled and quick and straightforward. Adding a gazebo or pergola to your garden can transform it into a comfortable and relaxing oasis.

Whether creating a garden pond or planting a garden bed, timber can help you realise your garden dreams. Not only are they inexpensive, but they are natural and sustainable products.

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