If you want your garden to look better than ever, you need to consider upgrading your old fence. Besides serving as a barrier between your garden and the street or neighbours, it also provides shelter and privacy. A well-designed garden fence can also set the tone of your plot. With some know-how and time, you can turn a worn-out, faded fence into a wonderful, stunning addition. Here are some ideas on how to update your fencing.

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A simple change like painting the fence will make it look fresh and attractive. Choose a shade that will blend in with the atmosphere of your garden. A pale green is a popular choice because it doesn’t clash with other colours in your garden. A fence with a wooden look can make even a small garden appear larger. Changing the colour of the fence can also change the size perception of your garden. If you have a small garden, try painting it in a light colour. For advice on all things Fencing Gloucester, go to Greenfields

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For privacy, you can consider using lattice or bamboo fence panels. Planting a hedge in front of the fence can give it a more pleasing appearance while providing additional protection from noise. In addition to its aesthetic benefits, a thin hedge can also provide a valuable habitat for wildlife. You should keep it trimmed annually to maintain its beauty. Alternatively, you can opt for a decorative fencing design that will enhance your garden’s aesthetics. There are many different fence designs so it’s easy to fit one that suits your garden.

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