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At this time of year, we can all enjoy the longer days, increased sunshine and the natural world waking up. It is something that we all look forward to with the arrival of the spring, and it means that we can get out and enjoy the outdoors and of course our gardens which will be starting to bloom once more after the long winter months.

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As well as the plants and flowers, you may also want to consider adding a tree to your garden. The spring blossoms appearing on the trees is a particularly magical part of springtime. Trees provide a lot of beauty and interest in a garden, and they are also a valuable habitat and food supply for many mammals, birds and insects.

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Of course, adding a tree to your garden takes thought and planning to ensure that you choose the right tree for you and for your garden – for example if you have a small garden, it is not suitable to plant a tree that will grow very big, such as an oak in it! But there are so many varieties of trees that you are bound to find the right one for your garden – here are some of the main things to think about to help you choose the right tree for your garden…

The size that the tree will grow to – This is something that is important to know, as you will need to ensure that there is plenty of room for the tree as it gets older. The roots are also something that need to be considered, as they can do damage to drains and foundations of buildings if they are too nearby.

Care for the tree – Knowing how much care that your tree needs and how to give it is important. Typically, native trees are easier to care for as the climate is suited to them already. It is worth bearing in mind that the tree may need cutting back sometimes and for this it is best to get the help of a specialist like this tree surgeon Poole based Kieran Boyland, as this can be dangerous.

Appearance of the tree – How your tree will look as it grows and throughout the season will also be something that you will want to think about. Evergreen varieties like holly and pine will be green all year, and others will lose their leaves in the autumn.

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