If you have decided to project manage your own extension or house renovation the main advantage to this is obvious – it saves a lot of money! But if this is your first time doing this and you are a bit of a novice to the whole world of construction, you may feel as though you have suddenly got in at the deep end, so here are a few things to know before you begin…

It all begins with good planning. Think about what you want to achieve and have a look at some inspiration online – for example – do you want to use traditional materials such as these Timberpride oak extensions or something more modern using lots of glass for example? You will probably want to get a designer, or an architect involved too at this point who will also be able to make suggestions to you. Think about the home and what will blend in well and look into all the possible options and styles so that you have a definite idea of what you are going for. This way, you have a clear vision all the way through, and you will be able to attain your end goal.

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Budgeting is also something that is very important when you are doing this. Consider all the things that will be needed and make sure that you have gone through the budget and ensured that it is achievable before you commit to anything. The last thing that you want is to get halfway through the extension or renovation project only to find that you have run out of money, and you have a half- completed property just sitting around doing nothing! It is a very good idea to have some money put aside in addition to the budget, as often there are additional costs that crop up and unforeseen events which may take more money than you had anticipated.

You will need to work well with lots of other people who are involved in the build too – from the builders and designers to the local council and the utility providers, so make sure that you are organised and good at communicating as there are lots of things that need to be organised throughout a building project and people who all need to know what they are doing as well as the legal side to be dealt with in some cases too.

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Ultimately, taking on the role of project manager is a tough job which can sometimes be very stressful. If you have ever watched the television programme Grand Designs, you will know that building projects like this don’t always go as smoothly as they are intended to and there can be a lot of hiccups along the way! But it is also a very satisfying and rewarding thing to do and when you finally get to your desired outcome you will feel a real sense of achievement at what you and your team have accomplished.

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