Now is the time to tidy up the garden ready for the winter. No more evenings spent outside as the weather starts to turn chillier – it is now that we take care of the garden and get it ready for the winter, as well as putting things into place that will help to benefit the garden over the summer months.

Falling leaves are one of those things that can be a real nuisance. They can be a slipping hazard on the paths and on the lawn and can also block gutters if you do not clear them out. However, they are a great addition to a compost heap, and by collecting them now, you will be able to create some great compost for your plants in the future!

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As well as the plants in your garden, now is the time to pay attention to garden structures and make sure that they are in a good state of repair. From arches and gazebos to sheds and fences, give them a coat of weatherproof paint if necessary and get a professional like this fencing Cheltenham based company to come in and make repairs if they are needed.

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Things that are in your garden also need to be protected now, such as furniture and play equipment. Give things a good clean before putting them away in a shed or garage to protect them from the weather. If you do not have this option. Get a weatherproof cover to keep them safe.

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