Spring has arrived and something that always cheers us up is the sight of life returning to nature after the winter. Flowers in particular always raise a smile – a professionally made flower bouquet like those from this Gloucestershire florist https://flowershedtewkesbury.co.uk/wedding-flowers-tewkesbury-gloucestershire/ is always a good way to cheer someone up.

Getting out and about at this time of the year and taking a walk in the countryside will also lift spirits, as there are so many spring flowers in bloom. Here are some of the beautiful flowers that you can expect to see on your walks…

Daffodils – These beautiful bright yellow flowers herald the start of the spring, and their sunny colour brings to mind the brighter and warmer days that are just around the corner now. Inspirational to poets like Wordsworth, there are many places that you can visit in the UK to see swathes of beautiful daffodils. From Cumbria and the Lake District to the Daffodil trail in Dymock, Gloucestershire. There are also many species of daffodils which are grown at various locations around the UK such as some National trust properties which provide a spectacular spring daffodil display.

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Wood Anemones – The pretty little flowers can be seen from around late February. They are slow to spread and are found in woodlands – seeing them is a sign that the woodland you are in is ancient. It is best to go on a dry day if you are looking out for wood anemones, as they close in wet weather. The wood anemones are often associated with fairy folk, who shelter in them during the wet weather.

Violets – One of the favourite wildflowers, the beautiful purple violets can be spotted from February, and are in bloom until May. One of the most appealing things about Sweet Violets are the beautiful fragrance that they have. This is something that has been valued for centuries. They like shady places, so look underneath hedges and under trees in the woodlands. The flowers are usually a purpley blue colour but can also be white.

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Primrose – These are another flower which heralds the start of the spring, although not as bold as the daffodil, these are a more delicate shade of yellow. However, these are hardy plants, blooming as early as December if we are having a milder winter. They can be in bloom all the way through to May or June, so you have a lot of time to spot these.

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