Considering upgrading your phone to the latest wireless technology? Whether you need to switch to 5G now or wait will depend on your needs and what your budget is. 4G speeds are more than adequate for most people. And while 5G service has yet to hit all areas, it may still be worth your while for now. If you can wait, you might be able to save money by not upgrading. But if you’re impatient and want the fastest available connection speeds, you may want to upgrade to 5G straightaway.

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The latest smartphones are equipped to use 5G networks. Although these new smartphones have plenty of potential, it’s still crucial that you get a reliable network before you upgrade. Test the network to ensure that your provider is delivering on its promise. You can check the network quality by visiting websites dedicated to this purpose, which analyse the performance of mobile networks. This way, you’ll know whether the new network is worth the price. For advice from Vodafone Drogheda, visit a site such as

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You might not notice the difference in speed right away. However, you’ll soon notice a significant increase in speed. Of course, these benefits are only available if your carrier has 5G service. So if you have a 5G enabled provider, you’re more likely to experience these benefits than if you’re using another provider. Check the map of 5G rollouts and see when your city will get the new technology, if it hasn’t already.

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