Growing mushrooms at home is easy and more if you have a moist place. In my house is the perfect environment for this type of crops. Even one day planting other kinds of things, I got a couple of mushrooms incredible! and … although they did not last long, it was a unique moment when I discovered it.

Growing mushrooms at home can be easy if you follow some tips, such as the following ones that I propose. If you want to grow your own products it is a great idea to make your small urban garden. If you do not have space on the terrace or on the balcony it is a great idea. You can also do some indoor cultivation.


However, if you have a small plot of land it is a great idea to make your own garden. Do you like the gardens? I love it and more to know that in the future what is collected you can include it in many culinary dishes.

What do you need?

  • A sack of earth (bought for the type of mushroom you want to grow)
  • alpaca or a production bag
  • a hygrometer (to measure the humidity of the earth)

The bag can be purchased or ordered online with the variety of mushrooms you want. You should also bear in mind that each manufacturer will provide their own indications, so you have to read everything you indicate. But normally, when you have the bag at home, you usually have to water it. It may be that the sack has already made its own openings. Otherwise you have to open it yourself.

When it is time to water, it is better to do it with a sprayer, especially when you see the first protuberances. In this way you can maintain the humidity of the earth that should be between 80/85%.

This bag should be placed in a ventilated place, inside the house . The best is not the direct sun and not in a dry environment. Ideally, the environment should be moist and fresh. As much as there is some lighting, but little. Remember that your little mushrooms can not withstand sudden changes in temperature.

For growth, almost magical, you should wait between 3 and 15 days (depending on environmental conditions and the type of fungus) But suddenly one day you get up and there it is, a grown crop and small piles looming.

To collect them, you must wait until they have an adequate size. Whenever you are going to pick up a mushroom, do it with care, so as not to spoil the substrate and that will help you to grow more mushrooms. This type of bags you can use them two to three times, that is, you can make up to 3 crops approximately.

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