Its history, tips for planting them, how to decorate with mimosas. And even the recipe for the cocktail that bears the same name.

If you are one of those who follow lifestyle and decoration inspiration accounts on Instagram or Pinterest. You may have noticed that lately there are some yellow flowers that do not stop coming out. They have become the flowers of the moment. As has happened in fashion with knitted outfits, vests, or any other trend. So, are flowers also becoming fashionable? Our answer is yes and that is why today we want to know everything about mimosa flowers.

It is the time of mimosas, its branches loaded with yellow flowers are perfect to brighten up with their intense tonality and it is a complement to give color to spaces. We work it in beautiful bouquets, winter weddings, bridal bouquets, interior decoration. And various flower arrangements. Its branches are very flexible and allow us to manipulate them easily without damaging them, allowing us to also make beautiful crowns “, La Buganvilla Arte Floral explains to us.

This shrub that comes from Australia and Tasmania, has been acclimatized to many parts of the world. In Spain, as experts tell us. Its cultivation is regulated by a decree due to its colonizing potential, which makes it a threat to native species. Beyond having beautiful and striking small yellow flowers, “mimosas represent friendship and feminine energy, that is why it has been the emblem of Women’s Day since 1946, ” added Floral Art from La Bougainvillea.

More details about mimosas

“These beautiful flowers come from the mimosa tree and the moment the temperatures start to rise a bit when the spring begins, the mimosa begins to bloom. The most characteristic thing that mimosas have are their flowers of that intense yellow color and with the shape of a sphere. In addition, mimosa has one of those special aromas, it is like that smell of when it rains and the earth stays wet … If this flower sounds a lot to you, but you didn’t know it by this name, don’t worry. It is known as mimosa, silver mimosa, French aroma, mimosa acacia or Australian acacia “. They explain from the online flower shopping website The Colvin.

The experts at Vanity Flores also remind us that in Ancient Egypt the mimosas already became the symbol of Hathor, goddess of love and beauty, and after they were of Isis, mother of gods. Furthermore, several finds from Egyptian sarcophagi showed that mimosas were used extensively in mortuary rites, possibly because of their resistance to putrefaction.

The mimosas plant

«Dealbata acacia – which we call mimosa in Spanish and the Aragonese know as alcarzia – comes from Australia and Tasmania. Although there are many more species around the world with varied colors and shapes. It is a tree between 10-12 m tall, perennial, and used in gardening as an ornamental. They grow rapidly, but rarely exceed 30 years of age. Actually, the name of mimosa is also carried by another type of shrub characterized by the trembling of its leaves when brushed against. Hence its nickname: sensitive or modest mimosa “, they explain from Interflora.

The mimosa appears as a collection of golden balls that are attractive due to their bright colors and their particular aroma. It is considered a winter flower, its yellow buttons. And its sharp branches decorate gardens, streets, and interiors throughout the year.

Fashionable flowers in decoration: mimosas

According to the experts, to have a pot of mimosas in your house or in your garden. You will need it to have the sun at least three hours a day. Choose a deep container to plant them and place it in a sheltered place on your terrace or balcony. If you are going to put your mimosas in the garden, do it near the house. So you can take advantage of its famous perfume.

To extend the duration of their flowers, the French usually use a technique called “forçage”. By means of which a plant is forced to mature outside its normal growth stage. For this, the bouquets are placed in a closed place with a constant temperature of 25ºC and a humidity of 85%. The humidity and heat facilitate a rapid blooming of the flowers to which they add a special powder which they call “chrystal”.

Do not confuse it with the other mimosas

Perhaps before reading this article you knew the cocktail and not the flowers. Do you know what makes a delicious mimosa? We will tell you about it in case you now want to try it to fully celebrate Women’s Day on March 8. Mimosa cocktail surrounded by mimosas …

Mimosas cocktail recipe

You need the same amount of champagne and orange juice, crushed ice and a few minutes leave to decorate. First, add the champagne, then the orange juice, and stir until well mixed. The usual thing is to serve it in an elegant glass with the mint leaves and if you wish, add a slice of orange.

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