Industrial style kitchens ideas

Vintage chic industrial style kitchens: how to furnish an industrial style kitchen. Photo ideas, examples of furnished kitchens, timeless collections. And new proposals from the most important brands in the sector.

For some time, in the field of interior design, the industrial style has been confirmed.

Characterized by rustic finishes, metal furnishing accessories, spotlights, lamps and chandeliers reminiscent of those types of factories, industrial style is a style that is well suited to modern homes or to be restored.

-Industrial style kitchens

-Snaidero linear modular industrial style kitchen

-Industrial style kitchen from the 19th century

-Kitchen with an island in industrial Minacciolo style

-Callesella industrial style kitchen

-Industrial style kitchen with Aster peninsula

Industrial style kitchensIndustrial style kitchens ideas

An industrial style kitchen is characterized by the use of natural materials. Such as wood and stone, which give the idea of life.

The style is essentially sober, clean and rigorous, with rough finishes, reminiscent of those of the old factories of the past. The industrial style is made of vintage furniture elements. For a perfect mix between modern and industrial chic. But let’s see together the most interesting proposals from companies in the sector.

Snaidero linear modular industrial style kitchen

First of all, those that come from the industrial metropolitan world, those linked to lofts of ancient memory where raw materials, starting from wood, metals oxidized by time and large shelves are the most tangible signs of a recent past that resurfaces today, more contemporary than ever

Industrial style kitchen from the 19th centuryIndustrial style kitchens ideas

The nineteenth-century offers different models of kitchens characterized by an industrial chic style, revisited in an elegant key. The casual modularity and the strong character are the keys to reading the design idea of this kitchen environment in ash with large sliding doors with the visible mechanism. And complete with a brushed steel top.

Industrial chic is a kitchen that is also characterized by the infinite possibilities of color combinations, to respond to every taste with more decisive or “lighter” compositions, with an ideally metropolitan touch.

Kitchen industrial style boffi

The project is enhanced by the presence of a channel that becomes an equipped shelf for objects, increasing the containment with small accessories, metal shelves with integrated LED lighting.

The project is completed by a large stone sink with an exclusive design and fixed or sliding solid wood peninsula tables for snack use.

Kitchen with island in industrial Minacciolo style

Minacciolo offers Natural Skin, not a simple kitchen. But a new way of conceiving the rooms of the house.

A line designed to meet the needs of modern life. At the same time capable of simplifying it and making functionality accessible with extreme elegance.

Natural Skin is the revolution of the spaces the sculptural purity of its monoliths divides. And marks the different rooms of the house. Without the need for walls, offering new. And practical containing solutions. Function but also elegance, dictated by a warm natural envelope that envelops its total black structure.

Its clear geometry of lines and proportions offers the possibility of creating volumes punctuated by minimal metal inserts. A line made to live the perfect synthesis between nature and modern technology.

Callesella industrial style kitchenIndustrial style kitchens ideas

Callesella Arredamenti offers the Fly collection, a project that opens up to an urban, varied, cosmopolitan, moving world, made up of people who are very different from each other by profession, interests, requests, needs. People who, in any case, want to see what they like.

Modules and shapes, even small ones, allow you to freely position the elements, on existing walls or in the absence of walls. Freestanding furniture, such as the sideboard or the open bookcase, can become dividers that create environments, characterized by specific functions or be part of the living room itself.

Industrial style kitchen with Aster peninsula

Aster Cucine offers Factory, a kitchen characterized by contamination, material eclecticism, desire for transgression and uniqueness. The expression of a taste for the metropolitan lifestyle that reinterprets the world of cooking to transform it into an advanced project.

The mood declined in Factory – like the other different moods developed by Aster – draws from the history of the brand to integrate an original vision, which here translates into technological materials combined with natural materials, treated as if they were consumed by time, and in compositions devoted to contemporary functionality.

Starting from an unprecedented technical and formal reworking of the materials and the usual manufacturing processes. Factory tells a story, dug in the deep grooves and knots of the retro wood. Perceptible in all its strength in the roughness of the iron and corten. In the reflections burnished with brass and in the antiquity of stone, never cold. But smooth and comfortable, almost silky despite its solidity.

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