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As we head towards April, so many jobs need doing in the garden. For gardeners this is a busy time of the year, so it is a good idea to have a list of all the things that need doing to stop you from feeling overwhelmed by it all and to keep your garden well organised.

If you are wondering what things you can get on with in your garden during April, here are just a few ideas for you to get your garden off to a good start…

Sowing Seeds and Protecting Plants– April is a crucial month for sowing seeds. Spring is well underway now, and hopefully the worst of the bad weather is behind us; however, you might still want to protect some young and delicate plants from frost, either by keeping them in a greenhouse or cold frame at night or by covering them when the forecast is for lower temperatures. Sow hardy annuals at this time of the year, as well as young sweet peas.

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Caring for your Shrubs and Trees – Winter may have taken a toll on your shrubs and trees. We have had lots of bad storms over the winter months which could have caused tree damage. If you think this may be the case, it is best to get a professional like this tree surgeon Gloucester based geoffreyurchcontracts.co.uk/residential-gardens/tree-surgery/tree-surgeon-gloucester/ to come out and check for you. They may need to remove some parts of the tree if they are badly damaged or causing a safety issue.

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Looking After Garden Wildlife – It is important to care for the wildlife that lives in and around your garden. Spring is a busy time for the animal kingdom, as well as for plants! Birds and bumblebees will be looking for places to nest – provide places like nest boxes for them to use.

Animals like hedgehogs will also be emerging and will be looking for food after a long winter, as their breeding season is May. Leaving food out for hedgehogs at this time of the year is a great help to them – dog or cat food is perfect for hedgehogs on the hunt for food. You could also sow some native wildflowers and create a meadow area, which will benefit butterflies and bees over the summer months.

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