Although the winter isn’t the sort of time that you would typically expect beautiful blooms to be in the garden, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to experience any flowers and plants at this time of the year. Although much of the natural world has gone quiet, there are lots of plants that make a lovely addition to the garden in the winter and can provide you with plenty of greenery and colour at this time of year.

There are also types of bees, like the winter Bumblebees that are out and about in the winter, so therefore will be grateful of the additional plants – so by adding more plants to the garden you do not only create a more attractive winter garden but can also be a great help to the wildlife.

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You can have a look around garden centres for plants, or you can buy them online like these plants for trade Kent – if you are not sure what types of plants to go for, here are a few ideas to explore…

Christmas Rose – This aptly named beautiful white flower actually is more likely to flower in January time but can sometimes bloom as early as Christmas. It will do well in a bed or border and enjoys partial shade. It is one of the first flowers to bloom, arriving even before the Snowdrops.

Winter Pansies – These are popular winter flowers as they add a great splash of colour to the garden at a time when there is not a great variety of colourful flowers and plants. They are bold and striking and come in a wide variety of beautiful colours to add some cheer to winter!

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Mahonia – These are bright yellow, and their long spikes are like sunny rays growing up from the beds in the winter months. They do best in well-drained soil and will start to bloom around November time and could stay all the way up to March, just as many other flowers are waking up!

Winter Jasmine – For a bright and beautiful winter climbing plant, then winter jasmine is ideal. Bright sunny yellow blooms will appear around January time. You will need to add some support in for this plant to enable it to climb. It will work well all year around as although its flowers last from around January to March, it is evergreen so will work well with other climbing plants such as Honeysuckle and Clematis.

Sweet Box – For a shrub that works great as a hedging plant, look at sweet box – they are evergreen, but also have flowers which bloom in the winter. Small white flowers will bloom when there are few other flowers in bloom, and in the summer, the fruits will then grow. It is an easy to grow plant and isn’t particularly vulnerable to any pests or diseases.

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