Ideas for decorating walls

There are thousands of ideas for decorating walls. We leave you some to leave them as new. Write them down!
There are many things that can be done to decorate walls in order to provide fresh and renewed air. Such parts of the house are usually somewhat bland and bare, especially if they are of a single color, and we need to enhance them with some life, always with the aim of providing a special decoration to each room. It is quite easy to leave them as new, so we provide ideas for decorating walls. Take note!

How to decorate walls

Based on pictures and photographsIdeas for decorating walls

Without overloading the wall, one option is to apply pictures, prints, posters, and even vacation photos. It is a somewhat different and inexpensive way to decorate walls, provided they are the same color. That is, we can choose to buy a frame, both for the paintings and the photographs, from the same decorative line, and so it will be much better. If we create compositions of various shapes and sizes, the wall will be more attractive.

A touch of lightIdeas for decorating walls

Decorating the wall with lights has several functions. On the one hand, we decorate, especially if it is colorful and colorful lights, and on the other, we provide light to a corner or space that needs to be illuminated. The way to place them already depends on our taste and preferences.

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With decorative vinyl

The decorative vinyl provides different shapes so that the walls speak for themselves. From birds, clouds and fairies in children’s rooms, trees in offices or using a slightly more elegant or retro template in the living room. They are very cheap decorative solutions and we can easily install them ourselves.

Decorate with furniture and shelvesIdeas for decorating walls

Shelves bring a different vision to the walls. In this case, they also fulfill several functions because thanks to them we have one more storage space. Remember that it is better not to overload the shelf or furniture if it does not give a feeling of chaos and disorder, which is just what we do not want to convey with this furniture on the wall.

Mirror-basedIdeas for decorating walls

Mirrors give space to all kinds of spaces. For decorating walls, they are perfect solutions because there are many different shapes of mirrors for your house: round, square, hexagonal, with colors in their frames … And the house will have much more light!

Plants and flowers, the sustainable touch

Introducing plants and flowers in our house is betting on sustainability. In addition, various studies have verified that plants make us happier and lower anxiety levels. Therefore, another way to decorate walls is thanks to the plants that we can hang in a somewhat original way.

Along with the small pots, there are the green walls and vertical gardens, very fashionable lately and that are suspended on the walls. A fresh air of nature that is perfect in dining rooms or in reception rooms if we have them really big.

Endless objects

From huge vases to floor lamps to ethnic objects. It depends on the style that you like the most, the large pieces decorate walls due to their large size. All this creates a harmony with the rest of the spaces, as long as the decoration follows the same common thread.

Hanging hammocks

As we see, there are thousands of ideas to style empty walls. In this case, we highlight the hanging hammocks that serve to decorate walls. They really are decorative touches that are not usually used, but it depends on how we hang it, we can always use hammocks to rest and relax.

Hanging coat racks

We refer to those hangers, somewhat sophisticated and modern, which are used to hang from jewelry to scarves, hats and many other accessories. If we place them strategically, we can have several on the same wall in our bedroom, and they look great.

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