decorate a small garden

We already know that the idea that the bigger space is does not mean that it has to be better and exactly that is what happens with outdoor spaces. In today’s post, we will show you how to decorate a small garden and see how it can be as fun and entertaining as a larger space. Also the smaller, the less maintenance you will need! Even the smallest lot can be transformed into a beautiful outdoor shelter.

After all, you know that they say that the best things come in small jars.

10 Ideas for how to decorate a small garden

Stone floordecorate a small garden

No, we are not talking about filling your garden with stone tiles, but combining small stones with the grass or grass that covers the floor of the garden. You can apply it in the form of a path or by dividing your garden into zones so that for example there is a lawn area and that stone path that leads to the outside chairs or to the interior area of the house.

Make your own greenhouse

Even in a small outdoor space, you can place a greenhouse to grow plants and give a very natural and special touch to your garden. Learn how to decorate a small garden in this way and also, sure it gives a lot to talk about in your meetings with your friends.

Place a small hammockdecorate a small garden

What better to relax in the open air than a hammock, plus you do not need it to be huge and will make your garden from one moment to another go from being a normal patio to a perfect setting that has nothing to envy to a beach in the Bahamas … or at least you’ll have your own Bahamas !

Reuse an old mailbox

Yes, you can give a little color to an old mailbox, turn it into a vintage object and place it on the wall as a flowerpot with happy flowers. It will take up little space and will surely give a unique touch to your garden!

Enter a source

You do not have to introduce a huge fountain that occupies all the space in your garden, but a small fountain in the center or in one of the sides will give that zen touch and tranquility that the water brings to any place. Try to surround it with stones or plants!

Use recycled materials

Surely you’ve seen it in a lot of trendy bars, the use of pallets and wood used to transport large materials now serve to sit, it’s as easy as adding a few cushions that make it very comfortable and ready! You will have an ecological and modern space at the same time.

Take care of the colors

Use bright colors for your outdoor furniture and that will create a pleasant and more illuminated atmosphere, but be careful! Do not use too many colors or it will give a sense of disorder that you do not want your garden to have.

Do not forget the most important thing, the plants!

In every garden that prizes the plants, shrubs and trees will be the protagonists. Fill your garden with green, taking advantage of and maximizing the space. The corners and walls are perfect places to place plants or vines that will give you what every garden needs.

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