The yellow flowers will brighten all our spaces looking like spring has arrived. If you combine this color wisely you will be able to create very beautiful corners . If you are looking for warm, springtime and full of light, check out this small list of flowers and plants.

Yellow flowers: Coreopsis

Beautiful flowers very similar to daisies and of an intense and bright color. Its petals are very distinctive and we can find them in various colors. Among them the yellow is a fascinating tone that will give a touch to the place where you put it.

This beautiful flower is ideal for spring and summer because they require little maintenance.  If you like yellow flowers this is very happy and full of optimism that will give life to the place where you place it. How about?

The bright yellow color of this flower is reminiscent of summer and will make you feel happy and happy inside when you see them . If you want to know a little more about this color, I mention that in Feng Shui, yellow means sunlight and joy.

The yellow in its various shades has the great ability to create cheerful, warm and welcoming environments. It is also capable of giving positive energy in the house. We already know that the positive attracts more more positive energy.

Yellow flowers: sunflower

The sunflower is native to the southwestern United States, around the New Mexico area. This incredible flower can grow to amazing heights and is a great addition to gardens and balconies. Surely you will know that its great chapters spin incredibly throughout the day, following the sun.

The color yellow is also the color of intelligence and wisdom. According to feng shui it  is advisable to use this beautiful color in the children’s room or in the study room, to boost good memory and intelligence. As we see the yellow color has many things behind.

Yellow flowers: Cochlospermum vitifolium

This beautiful plant, which comes from the wooded areas of Central America, is a deciduous tree, popularly known as yellow rose. It is fast growing and, thanks to its colorful flowers, it is usually used as an ornament in the gardens.

This beautiful tree is also attributed numerous therapeutic qualities, used as an anti-inflammatory and soothing cough among other things . It is also said to cure jaundice, through its ingestion as leaf tea or by immersion baths (using the bark).

This tree is thick and grayish bark; It measures between five and ten meters in height and its straight trunk reaches seventy centimeters in diameter . The sap it contains is orange and stains indelibly. Its simple leaves, palmate and provided with long reddish petioles, are located alternately in the branches.

The hermaphrodite flowers are large and yellow, very showy, and appear once the foliage has fallen, during the dry season. The truth is that bees are regular visitors, so it is good to grow these trees near the combs in areas of honey production.

In general there are many flowers that exist in yellow versions. From small flowers to the largest ones. In decoration they are an excellent option to give color and joy to environments. How about?

Yellow flowers: freesias

The freesias are beautiful flowers that remember the arrival of spring. In South America it is very common to feel its aroma when the hot months arrive, and also in early September when it is still summer and begin to bloom in the fields.

In many places we will find this small flower and its aroma that arrives inside the homes and invades the rooms. We can find freesias in many different colors which allows us many options when decorating.

The Fresia is a bulbous plant native to South Africa and belonging to the family of the iridaceae . It is an excellent option to grow in a pot. It is also very easy to maintain and we will not have to be too careful. They can be grown in a pot and put indoors or outdoors.

This beautiful flower is used as a beautiful garden ornament, terrace or patio, but it is also very popular in the market for cut flowers. The freesias are suitable for Mediterranean climates, however it is quite sensitive to cold. Its beautiful flowers, whose stems can measure around 6 cm, give off a delicious fragrance.

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